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Nancy Powaga
 |  February 04, 2020

manufacturing digital trans

For a lot of manufacturing companies, transitioning into a digital ecosystem can feel like an insurmountable task. It doesn't have to be that way! You'll get there through careful planning and patience.

Follow the proper steps and you'll see that adopting the latest and greatest technologies can be a smooth process. We're here to help you start on the right track. Keep reading for our tips:

Don’t rush into digital transformation

Often, companies invest in technologies before they fully understand their digital transformation needs and goals. As a result, they wind up spending money on technologies that don’t actually help improve their businesses.

Prior to launching an initiative, administrators are strongly encouraged to form a digital transformation task force to study various parts of the organization and investigate how using digital solutions will improve workflows.

Focus on solving problems 

Digital transformation isn’t about buying technology for the sake of appearing current or trendy. Rather, it’s about making your business leaner and more agile — identifying areas of waste and working to change them.

For this reason, digital transformation teams are encouraged to spend time consulting with division leaders, conducting workshops, and trying to understand the challenges workers face. Together, the team should explore different technologies and attempt to figure out which ones may be worth deploying as an experiment.

If a project proves to be successful, that technology could then be deployed in other areas of the organization. This type of experiment is called a lighthouse project because it provides a signal for further digital transformation. 

Build your own digital software

Manufacturing software is notoriously expensive and not always customizable. These constraints often give companies buyer's remorse when they realize that the software doesn't rise to their needs.

By using a no-code app platform, you can build apps that meet your exact specifications using your own data. In other words, your team can build the perfect tool for the job.

With AppSheet, you can either create apps from scratch using a simple no-code approach which is easy enough for non-technical employees to master. Not only can you tailor the apps you create to your specific needs, but it also allows for centralization of data, and better communication between staff. Your IT department will love you, too. No-code platforms allow security options that you might not get in mass-produced software.

Here's a list of AppSheet sample apps which you can copy and customize for your use cases within the manufacturing industry:

These are only a few examples of what you can do with a no-code platform like AppSheet. You can start designing your own app, for free. We hope to hear from you! 

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Nancy Powaga

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