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Eddie Wang
October 30, 2018

Top 11 Mobile Collaboration Tools - Boost Productivity and Automate Workflows

Today, over 2.1 billion people actively use a smartphone. Thanks to the smartphone, the internet has become closer to us than ever before.

What does this mean for your business?

You can now hold meetings, make transactions, receive training, share ideas and capture data via your mobile devices. Through productivity software and mobile apps, team progress gets monitored virtually and tasks are streamlined with greater efficiency.

Turn Your Spreadsheet into a Project Mangement App

Does my team really need productivity software?

It depends on your answers to the following questions:

  • Is your team able to share new data instantly?
  • Are you able to work remotely with ease?
  • Can you reach one another in just one tap of a screen?

If not, you could benefit from one of the tools listed in this post. Mobile collaboration apps allow flexibility and engage employees. They take you and your team beyond the four walls of the office.

Some benefits:

  • Work mobile. With mobile collaboration apps, there's no restriction to location; you and your team could (and should) be able to work on-the-go. Also, these apps keep your workers engaged with notifications, alerts on project milestones, and easy monitoring of progress.
  • Improve communication. For every successful project, there must have been an excellent communication system. These collaboration apps provide you with instant messaging, emails, group/team chats, voice and video calls, screen sharing, and so on.
  • Save $. You don't have to spend money on papers for memos, files, or renting an office space. Productivity software drastically reduces the costs of projects. Interestingly, some of the best mobile collaboration apps are free. And, there's not much more you need to spend on servers or network facilities, since most of the apps offer cloud support. 

With these benefits in mind, our team at AppSheet has curated a list of the 11 best mobile collaboration tools to help you boost productivity and work smarter.

Our List

Our list is sorted by usability, flexibility, easy management, and other factors we find important. I'm starting with the best of the best (although we might be just a little biased).

1. AppSheet


screen capture

 The app maker for everyone

Instead of using a collaboration tool, why not build one yourself on the AppSheet platform? With it, you can create an app for your business, keep your employees mobilized,  and easily (and instantly) input data into your phone on-the-go. The options are endless; whether your business is in the real estate, construction, retail, manufacturing, or non-profit industry, you can easily create an app to capture data and share it with your team.

Instead of needing to know how to code, you only need to know how to connect to your data in the cloud. Whether your data is stored in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Office365, Smartsheet, Salesforce, SQL Server or other databases, AppSheet supports it. The platform creates an initial version of your app based on the data and you can then customize it, choosing from a variety of view types, features, and other UI/UX options.

Creating an app from data is simple. Depending on your skill level, you should have an app running successfully in a day or less.

Learn more about AppSheet

Two other ways you can make productivity apps on AppSheet's no-code app platform: AppSheet Spec and AppSheet sample apps. With Spec, you can make apps by typing or saying simple sentences (think Alexa and Siri). You can also copy a sample app, replace the data with yours, and customize it to your needs.

AppSheet has more than 60 app templates. Here are just a few.

fullsizeoutput_7AppSheet Sample Apps


2. Wrike


Wrike is a project management tool that supports all devices. It's an excellent mobile collaboration tool that simplifies planning and makes communication between team members easy.

An exceptional feature is real-time reporting on the progress of projects. Wrike allows you to edit documents online and share easily among team members.

There are also project management templates available to work with. You can integrate with Google, Github, Microsoft, Adobe, Creative Cloud and many more.

Other features include data security and protection, a customizable interface, and email and  calendar synchronization.


3. Slack


Slack is one of the best mobile collaboration tools because of its excellent communication and messaging features. It works on iOS and Android platforms.

Not only that, it also has a video call and screen share feature to make project monitoring easy among team members. Slack allows for easy file sharing within the team and it also supports cloud storage.

Slack also integrates with a lot of tools: Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, Salesforce, etc. Even your own customized apps can be integrated.

Some other features: data security & protection and searchable history.


3. LiquidPlanner

Liquid Planner

Like Wrike, LiquidPlanner is a project management tool. Though it's not as versatile as Wrike, it has a robust visual library that allows users to monitor projects and progress. LiquidPlanner facilitates easy communication and has an integrated time and budget tracking feature.

LiquidPlanner integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You can also integrate your own customized apps with the LiquidPlanner API.

Other features you might enjoy include: calendar sync, deadline alert, project duplication, and data security.


4. Asana


Asana is one of the best mobile collaboration apps because it's incredibly versatile. It allows you to easily setup projects and assign tasks to team members while also monitoring their progress.

You can set up a visual interface to have a pictorial overview of your project, its progress and other necessary details. You can use Asana on iOS and Android platforms.

You can also start new projects from saved templates in Asana. Other features include data control and privacy.


5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a free mobile collaboration tool that has excellent features for project management. It is  supported on Android and iOS and easily integrates with other Zoho products like Zoho Docs, and Zoho CRM.

With Zoho Projects, you can easily plan projects, collaborate with others, track time and progress of projects, and easily share documents among other team members.


6. Flock


Like Slack, Flock is a messaging system that has been gaining popularity. It works well on desktop and mobile platforms. Flock is very easy to use and can be integrated with several other apps.

Flock allows you to make video and voice calls with other team members and share your screen. You can take polls, share to-dos, and reminders using Flock.


7. Trello


Monitoring project updates can be done easily with Trello. It integrates with Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, Github, and several others to enhance productivity. Trello is highly visual, organizing projects, individuals, and teams.

Tracking projects becomes very easy with Trello and delegating tasks while managing your team is a breeze.


8. Team on the Run

Team on the Run

If you need a strong internal communication system, Team on the Run is a good option, especially if your team is indeed "On The Run." Team on the Run has a strong monitoring system and users can monitor the location of team members using this collaboration app. Messages within the app are encrypted for better confidentiality.

You can also seamlessly assign tasks and send locations to your team members .


9. ProWorkFlow

Pro Work Flow

ProWorkFlow is a feature-rich project management tool that is effective for collaborations.

It easily integrates with Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Freshbooks, Zapier, Box, Google drive and several other apps. You can also customize your company's apps using ProWorkFlow's powerful API.

Tracking timelines and progress is made easy with ProWorkFlow. It's easy to use and includes a built-in messaging app. You can also easily upload files, receive reports, and manage contacts.


10. Yammer


Yammer is a collaboration tool owned by Microsoft, so it easily integrates with other Microsoft Office products.

With Yammer, you can easily share documents and media with customers anywhere they are. Yammer is great for enterprise communications.

With most messaging and business networking services, communications occur internally. With Yammer, different organizations can communicate privately and share files and important documents.


11. Podio


Podio is all about smarter workflows and is an all-in-one collaboration tool.

Podio is easy to use, has an excellent built-in messaging system, and allows for social collaboration. Other features  include a customizable system to fit team needs, automated workflows, data visualization, and project management.

And that's our top 12 collaboration tools! If we've missed one (or two), let us know in the comments.


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