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Mary Ludloff
 |  May 22, 2018


Have you ever wondered when all this natural language stuff would migrate to the business world? I mean we can tell Alexa or Siri to do lots of things that make managing our personal lives or running our homes so much easier. But we spend most of our lives at work—why isn’t someone simplifying that?

This has always been our focus. Of course, we equate easier with useful, empowering, and productive. We think of our platform as both easy-to-use and powerful when it comes to app creation. And those apps help the folks, teams, and organizations that use them to digitize and automate their processes, becoming more productive and efficient in the process.

Everyone should be able to make apps.

That’s our mission. It is the thing that drives us when the days get long and we hit a platform roadblock. It’s what inspires us to be better, to do more, and break down barriers. And Spec breaks through one heck of a barrier.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to type a simple sentence or phrase into a Google-like search box or simply say it (hello Alexa and Siri) to create an app? Then the app is built based on that simple statement—kind of like how Google Search works. And when I say app, I mean an app that works out-of-the-box. That, in a nutshell, is what Spec can do for you.

When we started the AppSheet journey, our platform could build apps from your data. In other words, the platform deduced the structure of the app you wanted to make from your data and built out an app. Soon after, you could copy an app from our sample apps library and start your app creation journey with a working version of the sample. And today, Spec can build an app from just your idea.

Everyone should be able to make apps.

Easy to say but hard to do because instead of you conforming to how our platform works, we are making the platform conform to how you work. As the platform evolves, so will the switching of roles.

The more you work with Spec, the smarter Spec becomes. Today, Spec is learning from the wisdom of the crowd—everyone who tries to Spec an app is helping Spec to learn. But we have even bigger plans for Spec: what if it could learn generally about apps AND understand your specific requirements? For example, when you say “My app has contacts,” Spec knows your specific requirements and builds out that app module based on what it knows about you. Yes, Spec and our entire platform’s future is very bright so stay tuned!

We remain committed to making our platform more intuitive and easier to use while ensuring that its features and capabilities are powerful and technology-forward. When you have some time, take Spec for a test drive and let us know what you like and where we could improve.

And as for Alexa and Siri, it’s time to move over. There’s a new Spec in town.


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