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Gwen Chen
August 15, 2018

Construction Apps: Space Solution Firm Hits Pay DIRTT with AppSheet

Change. Ease of use. Flexibility.

All of the above are important trends and requirements in business today. And they’re all central to how DIRTT operates, the solutions it delivers, and why the company selected AppSheet to power its business applications. 

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DIRTT is in the interior construction business. But it’s not the kind of construction entity the Calgary-based company’s name implies. This company is not about pouring foundations, laying bricks, and installing drywall. In fact, DIRTT’s Leigh Cooper says drywall is the enemy.

“We don’t build walls,” explains Cooper. “We liberate the space between them.”

And it does that in record time, with reconfigurable and eco-friendly solutions. DIRTT wanted a similarly efficient way to create business apps and improve internal operations, so it adopted the AppSheet platform to do that.

Cooper found and began using AppSheet a few years ago after running into a dispatch delivery challenge at DIRTT headquarters. DIRTT has three buildings at its home base in Calgary, and trucks carry project materials among these various facilities.

Initially, a DIRTT employee used email to coordinate dispatch. But one day Cooper wanted to send something to another building, and his request wasn’t carried out. Someone either didn’t receive the email, or they read it but then forgot to act on it.

“It was one of those moments: ‘There’s got to be a better way to do this!’” says Cooper.

He found it with Google Apps and the AppSheet add-on.

“It was exactly what I was looking for,” Cooper says. He liked AppSheet’s mobile interface and the fact that Google Sheets data is always current. Plus, AppSheet and Google Sheets allow multiple people to use an app at the same time.

The dispatch app (see below) provides DIRTT with a variety of benefits, including ease of use and helpful metrics.

1-Dispatch Delivery App Update

The initial email process for dispatch requests didn’t have metrics. But the app has complete metrics including busiest day of the week, how many deliveries are made, how big those deliveries are, which size of deliveries are most common, and whether additional trucks are required.

Such metrics enable DIRTT to align its resources with its requirements.

DIRTT’s five distribution center drivers use this application. And numerous other employees use a related app to submit requests for truck deliveries. The AppSheet-powered dispatch app has supported 20,000 deliveries since it was introduced in 2016.

To learn more about DIRTT's journey and other apps DIRTT created, download the case study. In it, you’ll discover how DIRTT:

  • Built its delivery management app, what it tracks, and how it's used.
  • Enabled better material tracking by creating a second app to track all customer-owned material.
  • Encouraged engagement and reuse by creating a type of Craig's list app for internal employees.

Get the DIRTT Case Study

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