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Santiago Uribe
 |  June 26, 2017


Over 1.5 million form submissions are captured via AppSheet apps every month, that's over 15 million data points! These data include location, images, dates, signatures, and even simple dropdown selections.

AppSheet apps are a favorite tool for inspectors and other field teams who need to collect structured data not only because AppSheet apps are flexible and rich in data types, but because they take advantage of all the power of mobile devices.

During our last webinar we covered best practices and tips to build better inspections and data capture apps with AppSheet.

We even made a free template app for you to copy and modify to your needs!

Here's what we covered:

18:36 Using Formulas to Simplify Data Collection


You can use formulas in almost every aspect of AppSheet. You can use DISTANCE formulas to filter out locations, formulas to create dropdowns in a specific field, and formulas to hide or show questions based on a previous response. 

  • Column Structure: Key, Hidden, Required, Dropdown, Valid_if, Show, etc.
  • Pre-select Inspectors: Initial Value - USEREMAIL(), Valid_if
  • DISTANCE: Security filter for table properties; Differences between Security Filter and Slice
  • Skip Questions and Pre-calculate Stuff

41:36 Using Actions to Accelerate Data Capture


If you want to accelerate data capture with common patterns of data, you can use actions. Actions will let you COPY an existing row and then update the data that need to be changed or even do bulk edits to the same column in multiple rows. 

  • Copy Rows: Effect
  • Bulk Edits: Actions

53:16 Using UX to Simplify Data Entry

Many app creators are tempted to concentrate their data capture option in a single form, but there are several UX features that can help data capture. For example, you can start a form by dropping a pin on a map, or you can start a form by adding a new item to a related table, like create a new job for an employee from a table that lists all employees. 

Do you have any tips and tricks for better data collection? Share them on our social media channels!

Other deep dive webinars: UX DesignProject ManagementWeb Security and Privacy. Or go to AppSheet youtube channel for more videos.

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Santiago Uribe

Santiago is the VP of Product at AppSheet. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Prior to AppSheet, Santiago worked at Microsoft, got an MBA from CMU and worked in international trade development in New York and Bogota, Colombia.

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