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Kate Stone
 |  November 01, 2018

Spencer Jones dropped out of his coding program because of AppSheet and doesn’t regret it. “I was learning to do stuff much faster with AppSheet than with coding in school,” he says.

Spencer’s company, Access RV in Salt Lake City, Utah, now relies on the three apps he created. It’s become an irreplaceable part of their business. 

Inefficient Operations

Spencer’s father started out buying RV’s and renting them to tourists wanting to see Yellowstone.

24 years later, Access RV is now a full-service dealership, helping hundreds of customers a year explore the natural beauty of the West.


Courtesy of Spencer Jones

Before he discovered AppSheet, Spencer says the company was struggling with inefficient processes and operations. They started implementing a new pay system, which meant a lot of paper forms to go through. “Every night I had to collect all these papers and get my office agents to help me. We’d sit down and tally up on a spreadsheet on the computer… and we would be here an extra hour or two hours every day doing that.”

Spencer was thinking about hiring more help until he saw an ad for AppSheet while going through a Google Spreadsheet.

“I hopped on… it took me a while to figure it out. I realized the app just needed my raw data. And as soon as that happened my whole world opened up.”

Operational Efficiency and Better Customer Service

Summer is a busy time for the company, and the three apps Spencer developed have changed the game.

One app covers Sales, another Parts and Service, and the third deals with Rentals. There can be around 50 to 60 employees during the peak of the season, and the apps make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Spencer says the 3 apps work together as a unit, sending information back and forth to each other through each stage of the renting, selling and servicing process.

The sales app keeps track of all the new products coming in from manufacturers, as well as those sold to customers. The rentals app keeps track of customer appointments and everything they will need for their trips. It’s also the time clock for employees. When a vehicle is rented or sold, the parts and service app gets notified and can make sure each vehicle is running smoothly.

Courtesy of Spencer Jones

And that’s just the basics of what the apps can do. Spencer’s favorite feature is the email reminders for appointments, insurance, and trip details.

He says AppSheet has transformed a process that used to take days or even weeks. Access RV employees used to personally call more than 1,500 customers during the summer months to try to set up appointments.

Now, AppSheet handles it, day or night.

If the customers don’t respond, the app is set up to send them email reminders until they do.

Before hitting the road, Access RV and the customer both inspect the vehicle, looking for any wear and tear that other adventurers may have left behind. The app will then email the customer that report as soon as the inspection is finished. That way, the customer knows they’re not on the hook for any prior damage.

“People like that communication, and they like how it’s instantaneous, it’s very professional, it’s not a carbon copy that you’re folding up and giving to them... then they go on a rafting trip and it goes in the river. Having the app just makes us look very reliable.”

And once the customers are on their trip, the app keeps working to make sure they’re safe and happy. “They call and have a question we’re able to get back to them immediately. It’s totally changed our customer service dynamic.”

Simplify Other Companies’ Processes

Spencer says the apps have made a world of difference for him and his employees. No more overtime, no more spreadsheets… and far fewer problems.

“Everyone in the company uses AppSheet… From housekeeping to the guy cleaning out the sewage tanks all the way up to the owners of the company when they do their weekly meeting to see how the company’s running.”

Screenshot_20181024-155627_AppSheetCourtesy of Spencer Jones

Spencer has used his app-making skills to help other companies see the same success. So far he’s created AppSheet apps for an HVAC company to help them keep track of service requests, a productivity tracker app for a medical supply company, and a customer invoice and inventory app for a pest control company.

Spencer’s experience shows how many different types of businesses can see their efficiency and organization increase with AppSheet. As he says, “It has created a mini unlimited work force that never stops working, for way less money.” Rather than hiring more workers, AppSheet can simplify complicated processes and spreadsheets, making the workday shorter and the experience better for all involved.

Lead Tracker App

Sales Report App

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Kate Stone

Kate loves telling a great story. She recently moved to Seattle after several years as a local news producer in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's now pursuing a master's degree in Communication, Leadership & Digital Media at the University of Washington while working on AppSheet's content strategy team. In her spare time, she loves exploring the city, teaching herself new digital skills, and working through an extensive list of excellent video games.

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