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Stefan Quartemont
 |  October 23, 2018

Paper-based processes often lead to mistakes, data getting lost in spreadsheets, and general inefficiency. But the fact is that’s the way many organizations still work. However, there is a better way. And QREW Technologies can help get you there.

QREW enables organizations to optimize their operations by using custom-built mobile apps instead of paper-based systems. And we use the AppSheet platform to do it.

Why AppSheet

I discovered AppSheet three years ago. With AppSheet I was able to build mobile apps quickly, without having to work through the glitches I found in other no-code products.

The AppSheet platform allows organizations to build, test, and deploy solutions quickly, in a fraction of the time when compared with other development platforms. AppSheet is also great because it supports mobile “out-of-the-box” and is accessible offline. It integrates with barcode scanning, mobile cameras, NFC, and geotagging – must-haves for many customers and hard to achieve with competing platforms.

In addition to its great platform, AppSheet has a strong team and very responsive customer service. That really blew me away.

That’s why I wanted to get involved with AppSheet and joined its partner program. For nearly two years, I worked as an AppSheet development partner.

Then I took it to the next level.

In November of 2017, I brought in some colleagues and turned my AppSheet consulting work into a formal enterprise. QREW works with SMBs, or departments within large organizations, to solve operational problems with easy to use tools, like AppSheet. Here are a few examples of the work we do.

Nonprofit LiveBeyond Digitizes Medical Information

LiveBeyond does medical and humanitarian work in Haiti. QREW built – and AppSheet technology powers – its electronic medical record, school nutrition research, and maternal health apps.

The EMR app helps hospital staff and volunteers accurately calculate and record the body mass index of clinic patients, catalogue medical history, track diagnoses, and prescribe medication. This data is safely stored and can be used to produce epidemiological reports and gain insights on how to improve the health of the community at large.


Nutrition is also the focus of LiveBeyond’s school app. This app tracks diet, BMI, and other factors for a longitudinal study about malnutrition in Haiti.

And with the maternal health app, workers can easily record the size, weight, and vital statistics of babies, fetuses, and mothers. The ultimate goal here is to reduce infant mortality.


All these apps allow for more accurate and efficient data intake and record keeping, so hospital workers can see more patients, and the people of Haiti have better healthcare experiences.

Multinational Roche Operationalizes Inspections

Pharmaceutical firm Roche is using an AppSheet-powered app to access whether various sites are suitable for its lab equipment.

Such site inspections require field engineers to run through a long checklist of factors. The app QREW built for this program enables site visitors to get through those lists accurately and efficiently. The company can also use the app to keep approved installations on schedule and streamline communications.

Roche’s internal IT team could’ve built this app. But AppSheet and QREW went from design specs to fully functional app in a few weeks instead of the many months it would’ve otherwise taken.


SMBs Take On the Digital Transformation Challenge

QREW solutions based on AppSheet’s platform are also at work at an array of other businesses across the country: from an apple orchard and shop in Wisconsin to a law firm in Michigan to a cabinet company in Pennsylvania.

Sacia Orchards uses AppSheet apps to manage the intake of apples, report data, facilitate the fulfillment of orders, and track what shipments came from where. That way, Sacia can get shipments out more efficiently. And if an apple distributor reports a problem (like a listeria outbreak), the company can quickly and easily identify where in the warehouse the apples were located. Having that information can mean the difference between testing the entire warehouse for contamination or just part of it.


Seva Law Firm, meanwhile, uses an AppSheet app we created for case management. It had previously used a spreadsheet and Dropbox account for that purpose. The new solution allows the firm to create and track case workflow more easily. It also reduces by 50 to 75 percent the time the firm’s 20 lawyers spend on document generation.


As for the AppSheet app we built for Your Remodeling Guys, that enables it to generate customer bids for kitchen carpentry more quickly. Workers in the field simply input the measurements, and the app instantly creates a quote.

Fast & Final Thoughts

These are just a few examples of how organizations are using the technology around them – like smartphones and web apps – to be more efficient and effective. And with AppSheet, organizations can get their apps running far faster and more affordably than they ever could using in-house IT resources or other no-code platforms.

Stefan Quartemont is president and co-founder of QREW Technologies out of College Station, Texas.


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