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Project management is a limited endeavor if your team needs to be mobile but your data isn't. That's why thousands of AppSheet app creators use AppSheet to transform the data in their Google Sheets, Smartsheet, and Excel spreadsheets into powerful mobile apps.

We recently held two webinars that showed how to get started with AppSheet and build project management apps. The apps we used during the webinar are available for you to copy them and see how they were created. Check the two videos and find the link to the app at the end of this post!

Project Management 1



We covered the basic structure of a project management app and how to arrange its tables. 

1. Connecting multiple tables and using libraries.
2. Adding images to your app
3. Changing the layout of the app
4. Having a hierarchy of initiatives / projects / tasks / and comments. in a 1-to-many fashion

Project Management 2



We covered:

1. Actions
2. Notifications
3. Formatting rules
4. Distributing the app

Get the app here 


Posted by Santiago Uribe on Apr 5, 2017 5:57:51 PM

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