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February 19, 2016

Product Updates: List View Upgrade to Table View



List views have been upgraded to Table views with all of the great Table view features. Here is how your app is automatically going to get better:

  • Better performance scaling large record volumes.
  • Group by more than one column (ascending or descending).
  • Sort by more than one column (ascending or descenting).
  • Select column width (default, narrow or wide).
  • Select column order.
  • Rows are spaced wider to help you select the correct record.
  • Menu views may be organized in your preferred order.
  • Records may be viewed in four display modes. When you tap/click on a record in the Table view, it expands in a separate fullscreen view rather than inline (conforming with standard behaviors of most mobile apps). This fullscreen view is the "Slideshow" view and by default the information is presented in the "Normal" slideshow display mode. The Slideshow view has three other display modes, and if you prefer, you can select to use one of those default modes via UX->Options->Default slideshow display mode.

    Note: we will be phasing out the List view in the coming weeks. For more information or questions, please visit community.appsheet.com.

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