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Santiago Uribe
December 16, 2016

New Features of the Week: Stocking stuffers for December

We've introduced several updates during the month of December. Here's a quick summary for your reading pleasure:

Display master and detail records in Workflow Rules:

Workflow Email has been enhanced to display master/detail records. You can now create an email message with an email body or PDF attachment

Donut Charts:

We've added two new chart types --- DonutCharts and AggregateDonutCharts. Also when using AggregatePieCharts, AggregateDonutCharts, or Histograms, you can now use a variety of aggregate functions including Sum, Count, Min, Max and Average across various columns in the table

Multiple Data Sources from Same Provider:

You can now augment your AppSheet account with multiple data sources from the same data provider. For example, you can add multiple Google Drive accounts or multiple SQLServer accounts.

Launch External URL:

When you have a URL column type, your app will provide a link for values in that column. By default, clicking on such a link will open the page in an "in-app" browser page. We now enabled to allow the link to launch an external browser.

Quick Edit:

You can now mark specific columns to be editable directly from the row detail / slideshow view! Perfect for quickly updating the status of an entry without editing the full form.
Distance: AppSheet can now calculate the distance between a GPS location in your app (Lat/Long) and the app user. This will let you create Security filters based on distance to interest points. Very helpful to show views like: Customers Near me, Projects within 1000 Yards, Coffee Shops in my neighborhood, etc.

MySQL Provider: 

MySQL is now a supported data provider. To learn more about how to add MySQL as a data source for you apps, please check out this article.


Earlier in December...


Quick Actions: 



Actions are mini-tasks that can modify data in your app. A button is shown in the slideshow view for each action in your app. When the button is tapped, the action is triggered.

Table Visualization: 



You can build powerful apps that connect multiple data sources and tables with AppSheet. To help you understand those relationships, we updated the Column Structure tab.


On behalf of the AppSheet team, we wish you happy holidays. Have a great time and continue creating great apps! 



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