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Santiago Uribe
March 14, 2017

New Features of the Week - March 14

Three  cool features were added to the AppSheet platform last week

Feature updates for March 14, 2017

  • Create personalized experiences with User Settings per app
  • Dynamically change the names of your views
  • Orchestrate multiple actions with a single trigger

User Settings (Beta):


User settings lets you create personalized experiences in your apps by allowing the app users to select options that can populate the rest of the app. For example. You can create a setting for Store Number and a security filter that only lets matching store information be displayed on a table view.

User Settings is available in the Premium, PRO, and Publisher PRO plans
Please give it a try and give us feedback. 

Display Names:


Every view in your app now has a display name that you can configure with an expression if you want to dynamically change values based on user settings (don't know what user settings are? check the first article of this post!) or other rule.


Action Sequences:


Actions are mini-tasks that can modify data in your app or take you to another location or app. We recently introduced an update to actions that lets you create an action that executes a series of actions. You can use this to combine multiple other actions into a single button.


See you in the community!


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