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Santiago Uribe
March 02, 2017

New Features of the Week - March 2, 2017

The AppSheet machine keeps rolling with new features for you. Here's a quick summary for the first week of March. Continue reading to learn more.

Feature updates for March 2, 2017

  • Schedule workflows to automatically trigger at specific times
  • Manage app creator teams within AppSheet
  • Minor performance enhancements across the platform

Scheduled Workflow Rules (Beta):

Scheduled Workflows.gif

We've just started rolling out a much-asked-for feature -- scheduled workflow rules.

In essence:

  1. A scheduled workflow rule fires on a recurring schedule that the app creator defines
  2. When it fires, it can take one of the standard actions supported by workflow rules like Email, SMS, and Webhook
  3. It has all the data of the app available to customize the content of the action. Add data from multiple tables into the same report
  4. The most common use case is to do some kind of periodic reporting; for example: every morning, send an email with the list of open service tickets
  5. To get the full value of schedule workflow rules, you will want to use attachment templates with nested inline templates
  6. By using scheduled workflows along with embedded templates, you can build very rich reporting solutions. I am very excited about the possibilities.

Scheduled workflows are available in the PRO and Publisher_PRO Plans. 
Please give it a try and give us feedback. 

Team Management Dashboard:

Team Dashboard.png

If you want to manage how AppSheet apps are created in your organization, then the Team Dashboard is the resource for you. Available in our corporate plans, it allows to have visibility on the apps created by your team, who they share to and how often the apps are used.

If you are interested in  trying out our team management features and getting AppSheet for your organization. Contact us today. 

See you in the community!

Stay tuned to Featuers, Tips & Webinars for new features and tips of making powerful apps.


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