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Santiago Uribe
January 22, 2017

New Features of the Week - January Edition!

Winter break is over and the engineering team is back in full throttle releasing great new features for the AppSheet platform, we introduced bulk actions, you can now calculate distance between two locations, and launch other AppSheet and non-AppSheet with quick actions. Here's a quick digest of recently published features:

Bulk Actions:

Quickly run Actions on many records at once, including deleting records.

A few weeks ago we announced Actions, which make it easy to modify records from the Slideshow view. Actions can now also be used in the Table, Deck, and Gallery views by selecting one or more rows, and running the action on all rows at once. In addition to actions you create, delete is also an option on tables that allow deletes.


Use DISTANCE in your app:

How about an app that shows all projects available nearby? Or coffee shops if you really need coffee? the DISTANCE() expression will help you achieve that. Check out this sample app that Tony from the engineering team built using a list of World Heritage sites. Go to the virtual columns (Data > Column Structure) to see how the DISTANCE() expression was used

Check out the app! 

Launch External URL:

----When you have a URL column type, your app will provide a link for values in that column. By default, clicking on such a link will open the page in an "in-app" browser page. We now enabled to allow the link to launch an external browser.

Deep Links:

We've augmented the app column type to allow deep links into specific views of an app. Please see details in this article.

New Data Source: SOCRATA 

Socrata is now a supported data provider, and is freely available to all AppSheet users. With Socrata, you can now create apps using data published by public institutions and government agencies. Learn more.


See you in the community! Stay tuned to Features, Tips & Webinars for more new features and tips of making powerful apps.

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