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Santiago Uribe
May 08, 2016

April Monthly New Features: New View Types, New Formulas, New Site!

We had over 40 product updates and introduced seven major platform/feature updates to AppSheet in the month of April. 

We introduced a cool way to start a form by dropping a pin on a map. We also added better visualizations for apps with multiple tables, and introduced a new view type: Dashboard.

Read on for details about the new features!

Enhance the UX in your apps

Dashboard view:

The dashboard view lets you combine multiple views in your app in a single view. This feature will be valuable to business managers that want to see all key views of their data in a single place. You can pick which views to include in the dashboard and to present it either as a small or large section of the dashboard. 

This type of view is especially rich when viewed from a tablet or desktop browser as it allows for multiple columns to be displayed. Try it out! It's available in the UX menu under View Type in the Advanced Editor.


More inline view types:

You can now show related data from other tables as Charts, Deck, and Gallery. This will let you deliver a richer user experience to your apps. We are challenging our creator community to make their own versions of Spotify with these features!


New map features:

If your form captures coordinates or addresses, you can now start a form directly from your map. If you are close enough, you'll be able to drop a pin and we'll automatically show you available addresses in that location. Add a pin, add new row from the map.


Text icons: 

If you want to add more visual elements to an otherwise text heavy app, use the Text Icons formula to create an image using text in your app. Here's an example that grabs the School name in our Text Icons demo app. 


For expression ninjas:

Expression tester:

If you are inserting complex expressions in your app with multiple functions, it might be a good idea to test what type of result you would get with sample data from your app. The Expression Tester is available under the Expression Builder - the little flask icon available where you can enter formulas - when you click on it. A new window will open and show you a sample result of the expression.




Text icons:

As we showed you in the new X features. Text Icons uses an expression to create an icon out of a text string in the same row. The expression is TEXT_ICON() and you can nest it with other functions like INITIALS (see below) and CONCATENATE. 


Initials will grab the first letter of each word in a column or of each text column in your table. When combined with TEXT_ICON, you can grab the initials of Name-Last Name combination in separate columns and produce a text icon from it. Use the expression INITIALS() in your formula. You can nest it with other functions as well. 

A couple more things:

  • New Website! Check www.appsheet.com and see our revamped website. We wanted to reflect the richness AppSheet's app creators bring to the platform, so we decided to focus most of the content of the website on you-- sharing your stories, and making sure you have all the resources you need to build great apps. 
  • Webhooks: We are enabling workflows to also point to webhooks so you can connect with other services like SMS notifications, communicators, or your own transactional email services. The feature is available in beta in the workflows sections of your app

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