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Sonal Amin
June 16, 2016

Quick Adoption of Mobile Apps and Solutions in Manufacturing is Essential


Many manufacturing environments are dealing with outdated equipment, regulations, aging workforce, lack of innovation, along with many other barriers. These environments often pose several challenges and hazardous situations, where mobile innovation could potentially change the course of workflows and processes. 

Mobile in manufacturing

Per Business Solutions magazine, a VDC Research survey has found that the amount of mobile connections at global factories will double within the next year. This research also shows that companies are beginning to automate processes in hazardous manufacturing environments, and mobile apps have the potential to significantly improve safety and productivity. The survey cites that companies are are using the following criteria for selection of apps: quality/reliability (44 percent); price (30 percent); security features (27 percent); operating system (27 percent); battery life (25 percent); and ruggedness/drop protection (16 percent).

Innovation and Opportunity

There is tons of opportunity and room for growth for both technology vendors and manufacturing companies as well. Mobile not only has the potential to connect employees, but also provides the reliability and offline access that many manufacturing companies need every day. However, the key to success is moving quickly, as those who do not innovate will get left behind as companies quickly adopt solutions that solve their challenges.

Read Business Solutions' full article here: Overcoming Technology and Market Barriers To Use Mobile Apps. 

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