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Te-Erika Patterson
 |  April 27, 2016


In the midst of this glorious digital age, each brand is responsible for carefully crafting its online presence. Not long ago, it was fine for a business to have a website. Then it became the norm for every business to have a blog. As mobile phones became the go-to portal for web consumption, companies scrambled to ensure that their websites were riding the wave of technology by offering more than the standard fare.

In this new era, due to competition and tech advances, even businesses that have nothing to do with technology must have a tech department to keep up with the trends. With companies consistently reporting increasing mobile engagement, there are two brilliant options to ensure that your brand is up to par. How do you know if you should choose a mobile friendly website or a mobile app for your business?

Creating a mobile friendly website is a sure bet for allowing customers easy access to your products and information while they are on-the-go. You can set the bar even higher if you decide to create a mobile app for your business.  

Mobile friendly websites are the next step beyond the static website. Your mobile optimized site will be easy to navigate and will allow your target audience instant access to your content.

Mobile friendly websites are a great starting point, but if a business wants to project a cutting-edge image, the best option might be to develop a mobile app. Here are a few questions that will help you evaluate your options.  


Do you want to rank high in Google search results?

If you want to increase your rank in Google search results, your best option is to create a mobile friendly website. Google penalizes websites that do not offer responsive themes, resulting in lower ranking on the search engine. A mobile friendly website is one of the best ways to ensure your Google search ranking is as outstanding as your brand.


Do you want to elevate your brand presence?

When your company develops a mobile app, it places your brand name in the big leagues. Even if your mobile app isn’t as popular as others, having a shortcut to your app installed on the mobile screen right next to an app with a household brand name automatically establishes a mental correlation between your app and the more popular apps.

Think about how cool you would seem if you were seated front row at an NBA game alongside other celebrities. You would most likely become a star by association. The same principle works when your app sits next to a popular app on your customer’s mobile phone.

Let’s not forget, even when the mobile app is not being used, the shortcut to the app on the mobile screen is a daily reminder of your brand. 


Is your company consistently creating content for mobile users to consume?

Does your company offer a stellar blog that features articles your audience loves to read and share across social media? A mobile friendly website is the best way to be sure that those who love your content will continue to come back for more.

A mobile friendly website allows your target audience to easily consume and share your content without the hassle of enlarging the screen to read it or having to copy and paste the URL. When you make it easy for your target audience to engage with your brand it will become a habit— and habits help create customer loyalty.


Do you want additional streams of income?

Driving profit is a major goal for all businesses. Mobile friendly websites and mobile apps are both essential tools savvy business owners use to reach those goals.

We know that social media sites feed traffic to our websites, and that traffic can translate into a hefty profit with strategically placed advertisements.  When your site is mobile friendly, your ad placements are easier to access and your customers are more likely to click on them.

Mobile apps can take your profits to new levels by offering an additional stream of income. Businesses who want a more streamlined advertising experience will pay top dollar to place an ad on an app because mobile app ads typically do not compete for attention with other content or other ads. 


Direct connection to your most engaged customers

While offering a mobile friendly website has become the standard for businesses, offering a mobile app will take your customer service to the next level. Consider it the same as the deluxe version of your brand since it serves a customer experience that only the elite and loyal customers have access to.

A mobile app is a direct connection to your most engaged customers. These are the people who trust your brand. These are the people who will be repeat customers. These are the people who want more than just the average customer experience. When your customers download your mobile app they are willingly placing themselves in position to take action on every offer you present. 

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Te-Erika Patterson

Te-Erika Patterson is an AppSheet contributor, Multimedia Journalist and Personal Success Teacher living in Los Angeles. She writes about technology, business success and women's empowerment. Follow her on Twitter @Te_Erika.

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