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Santiago Uribe
June 07, 2016

Monthly New Features: SMS Notifications, Auto Update, Group Aggregations, and More

May was a pretty active month at AppSheet HQ. The engineering team released product updates and new features almost every day! As usual, we want to help you keep track of the new changes, so here's a quick list of new things we added to the platform. 

Remember that the best place for feature requests and discussion is the AppSheet user community. See you there!

By the way, don't skip the Expressions Corner at the end of the post. We'll be listing new supported formulas you can add to power up your apps. 

More notifications

1) Automatic SMS notifications:

You can now send SMS notifications with workflow rules! This feature allows users in the AppSheet Premium and Pro plans to send automatic SMS notifications. Note this feature is only available to phone numbers in the US and Canada. For international options, consider using webhooks to connect an SMS service of your preference.

To learn how to implement the feature, please visit this page:



2) Connect to other services via webhook:

You can post an update to your app via a webhook so other services can read into it and process updates. This is the best way to send updates to Zapier, IFTTT, Twilio, or Slack. 

Learn more about how to integrate with those services here:



Enhance the UX in your apps

3) Group aggregates:

If you are grouping data in table mode, you may want to show a summary data point of the grouped items. You can choose a count, sum, min/max, or average of the items of the same category. 


More power to forms

4) Dropdowns popup:

AppSheet generally relies on the device's native selection options for your dropdowns. For example, in Apple devices, you'd see a rolling "barrel" with your options. The problem with those dropdowns is that they don't allow for search within the dropdown, and most of the time would cut the text you added instead of showing a longer string. 

To provide a more consistent experience across devices, we've introduced an option of popup dropdowns that uses a native AppSheet dropdown instead of the device's. It will let you add more functionality to dropdowns like search, better multiple select, and longer menu options.

You can activate the dropdowns in UX>Options>Forms>Use New Selection Popup. 


The new popup will be the new default for app newly created apps by end of June 2016.

Expressions Corner

We know you like formulas. :) Here's a couple more!

5) ABS: Get the absolute value for any numeric type (avoid pesky negative numbers)

6) STDEVP: Calculate the standard deviation based on an entire population

A couple more things:


7) Edit history: 

When you check the edit history of the app, you can see which changes were introduced in each version. 

8) Automatic background update: 

Enabled data uploaded from the app will send in the background. Keep in mind that the app will not fetch any new data from the spreadsheet or any updates to the app-- it will only attempt to upload data while you use the app in other submissions, making the queue of items to upload shorter over time. 

9) Un-mark as deployable: 

More peace of mind. You can now mark any of your deployed apps as undeployable. This will make the "App in Test Mode" once again. Very useful when you are planning a big update to your app.

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