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Santiago Uribe
July 10, 2016

Monthly New Features: Row Labels, Dynamic Content, Workflow Attachments, Single Editor

In June, we introduced a new set of features to improve your workflow rules and drop down menus, and also improved forms with dynamic content. Check out our latest features and be sure to visit the AppSheet User Community to make new feature requests. 

Better Drop Downs and References

We introduced a feature that will help you show more robust data in your app. You can select up to two columns as row labels. Row labels are the two most important columns in your table and they are used throughout the app. For example if you create a Gallery view, the label columns will be used for the image and text.

Label columns can be changed in the Data > Column Structure tab.

Did we mention that you can now use images in your drop downs? Yes, you can!



To add images to drop downs, make sure you have an image column and mark it as a row label. Learn more.

Single Editor! 

For a while, we've had two different views of the editor. A "basic" editor with limited functionality and an "advanced" editor that gives access to more powerful features. After studying hundreds of app creator interactions, we decided to provide a single experience in the editor as a starting point to improve the editor experience.

Now, you have access to all of AppSheet features without having to switch editors. This is the first step of a series of updates we'll be introducing. Let us know what you think of the updates in the user community.


You can find some of the updated interactions in the editor when you add a new table and a new view. 

Dynamic Content in Forms

There's a column type that allows you to add rich content to any form -- it's called Show Type. When you change a column to show, you can display information in it: videos, pictures, and rich text.

We've updated show type to let you add expressions so you can personalize forms or show specific content at a given time. An example of this is using IF conditions to show a different video based on a previous response. You can add the dynamic content in the form by filling the content field with an expression.



Workflow Attachments

When you create workflow rules, it's now possible to add images as additional attachments to emails. Learn more in Praveen's recent post.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to join us for this month's Deep Dive Webinar!


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