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Julia Guthrie
April 27, 2016

Integrating Customer Service in Mobile Apps

Reblogged from App Developer Magazine, by Richard Harris

If you're creating customer-facing mobile apps, it's important to consider how to deliver a useful and unique experience to your clients. With mobile apps becoming one of the most preferred methods of information dissemination today, businesses who are producing them can’t afford not to include some kind of customer support in their mobile tools.

Richard Harris of App Developer Magazine recently chatted with Barry Coleman, CEO of UserCare, about how companies can and should provide stellar customer service experiences within their mobile apps.

According to Coleman, “when a consumer encounters an issue in an app that they can’t easily resolve, they’ll simply delete the app and move onto the next one.”

Coleman outlines a few recommendations businesses can harness to avoid this drop-off, and what to consider when discussing how to create rich offerings for customers in the mobile space.

Let them help themselves
Coleman explains that customers often want to solve their own problems without the need to contact support, so providing an FAQ or a tutorial section can help them find solutions quickly, saving time for both the customer and the business.

Make it easy to find help
Companies will want to ensure that FAQs, tutorials, and any other help content is neatly organized within their mobile apps, so that users are able to navigate support and find solutions to their questions easily and efficiently.

Coleman presents a few more tips to creating a great mobile experience-- head over to App Developer Magazine to read the rest!

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