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Mary Ludloff
 |  July 11, 2018

One of the best things about my role at AppSheet is learning about how our customers use the AppSheet Platform to make their businesses and organizations more efficient. And when this includes influencing positive changes in the world, it’s gratifying and humbling at the same time.

Translators without Borders falls into the gratifying and humbling category. It’s a nonprofit organization that offers language and translation support for humanitarian and development agencies. Imagine, for a minute, just how difficult it must be for those in crisis to navigate what is often a bewildering landscape of relief support. This is made more difficult when language becomes a barrier to understanding what support is available.

Enter Mirko Plitt, Head of Technology for Translators without Borders. His goal: develop glossaries that support humanitarian field workers and interpreters so that they can communicate more effectively with the people they are helping. Mirko used the AppSheet Platform to build glossary apps that were then used in the field, in online and offline situations, by translators.

As Mirko puts it: “These glossaries help to bridge a communication gap in the field because many terms are technical or administrative in nature and are not commonly known to translators… Due to the nature of our work, it’s critical that we are able to access this information when there is no internet access of any kind.”

To learn more about Mirko, Translators without Borders, and the glossary apps, watch this AppSheet Innovators Series video.

About Translators without Borders

Originally founded in 1993 in France as Traducteurs sans Frontières by Lori Thicke and Ros Smith-Thomas to link the world’s translators to vetted non-profit organizations that focus on health, nutrition and education, Translators without Borders is a U.S. non-profit organization that aims to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian and international development efforts worldwide. TWB recognizes that the effectiveness of any aid program depends on delivering information in the language of the affected population. By maintaining a global network of professional translators, TWB helps non-profit organizations overcome communication barriers, increasing access to critical information and services while fostering a climate of understanding, respect, and dignity in times of great need. 

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