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Infographic: Strengthening Client Relationships with AppSheet

Sales is hard work. The job requires lots of technical knowledge, stellar customer service skills, and long, grueling hours. Not to mention the ability to multitask-- keeping track of inventory, sales data, and clients, all while continuing to provide a pleasant experience for the customer. 

Sales professionals need to cut down time spent on managing these processes so they can focus on selling products and cultivating lasting relationships. Many are using AppSheet to do just that.

We talked with one AppSheet user who created an app to manage his client contact database. Each time he finishes with a client meeting, he uses his app to input information about the meeting, the client's particular needs, and any personal details the client may have mentioned. He says being able to remember small details-- a couple's wedding anniversary, for instance-- allows him to personalize future interactions and sets him apart from others in his industry. 

After all, careful organization leads to better customer service, which in turn helps to develop steadfast and meaningful relationships. 

The handy inforgraphic below suggests several ideas on how to structure your apps to create a customized experience for your clients and help to distinguish you as a leader in your field. 


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Posted by Julia Guthrie on Mar 8, 2016 10:55:01 AM