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Mary Ludloff
 |  December 05, 2018

Part of my job is to keep a finger on what I like to call our customer pulse in order to produce customer stories and case studies. And I am constantly surprised and impressed by the innovative ways our customers use our platform to create apps that truly transform their business.

Such is the case with Husqvarna.

Most likely you’ve seen or used many of their products as they are a manufacturer of outdoor power products, including chain saws, garden tractors, push mowers, and trimmers. You can always tell it’s a Husqvarna product due to its brand color that is always prominently featured—I call it the Husqvarna orange.


Less than a year ago, the team at Husqvarna’s largest North American warehouse facility located in South Carolina, made a bold decision: automate the entire facility with a suite of custom apps built on the AppSheet platform. Their goal: digital transformation through the automation of all their warehouse and inventory management processes.

This is a pretty ambitious goal, particularly when you consider that the 125,000-square-foot warehouse manages more than 35,000 product SKUs—with more than 160 warehouse workers supporting this effort. And yet, Husqvarna was able to accomplish this within 8 months by building a series of apps—41 in all—to manage inventory, personnel, forklift drivers, goods reception, and quality tracking.

Now, you may think that Husqvarna either had a team of developers or consultants who took on the massive project which probably had an equally massive price tag.

Well, think again. Mark Creighton, Operations Manager, and his co-worker, Erika Braxton, were the “development” team. Neither had any development background and yet, they were able to create 41 custom apps—all without writing a single line of codeat a fraction of the cost when compared with other development platform solutions.

Fast forward to today. With the apps, Husqvarna was able to increase productivity, offer better visibility into key metrics, motivate workers, and contribute to profitability.

In my mind, that’s how you become a leader in a space—by setting ambitious goals designed to transform your business and then setting out on a path that helps you achieve them.

Such is the case with Husqvarna and I suspect by now that you want to know more about what they did and how they did it. To read the entire case study, go here.

And as always, comments and questions are greatly appreciated! 


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