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Sonal Amin
 |  February 09, 2017

iStock-113738755-436169-edited.jpgIt's not surprising that the Japanese automobile manufacturer constantly looks for ways to perfect its vehicle assembly process.

The company realized that a mobile application would enable it to gather data from their assembly lines and unlock valuable insights. They turned to AppSheet, a lean app-building platform that dovetails with Toyota’s own lean philosophy. 

The platform allows them to deploy mobile apps quickly and easily, without professional developers. With the help of AppSheet, Toyota is able to gather assembly line data on the fly and see patterns that pave the way for quality and productivity improvements.

How AppSheet Changed Toyota's Processes

In the past, Toyota’s seven North American manufacturing plants collected information on each part, but it was all connected to spreadsheets. There was no sharing data across plants or upstream. “It was very hard. There was no real communication on this data list,” recalls Toyota ergonomist Ben Atikson. 

Atkinson, based at Toyota’s Lexington, Kentucky engineering headquarters for North America, is in charge of taking that data and making sure that the production process optimizes productivity and worker comfort.

“What AppSheet did was allow me to really quickly create a tool to collect data. We’re really excited to be able to collect this information on the assembly line. Anyone in final assembly, anyone in design has constantly up-to-date information down to the part level,” says Atikson.

See how AppSheet can your company achieve its goals. Read the full case study.

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Sonal Amin

Sonal is Marketing Manager at AppSheet. She is a growth marketer at heart and values great customer experiences. In the past, she has built several memorable digital experiences for a wide range of brands.

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