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Gwen Chen
 |  May 18, 2018

I was happy to see so many comments on my excel templates posts on inventory management and small businesses. Over the next few months, I will be including more templates (in Excel and Google Sheets) organized by job functions and business sectors. I hope this post and the many to come will simplify your work life!

If you are interested in how to convert Google Sheet templates to mobile apps, I included instructions on how to make an app from our Google Sheets add-on.

Interested in moving beyond spreadsheets to mobile apps?

The Project Management App has the following powerful features: 

Turn Your Spreadsheet into a Project Mangement App

And without further ado, here are the three free project management spreadsheets! 

Project Management: A (Building Materials) Package Delivery Excel Template

This template is for fleet or package delivery managers whose job is to make sure all packages are picked up and delivered at the right place and on time. It breaks data into three blocksPackage, Pickup and Deliveryso that users can clearly see the relationships between any two of the three groups of data.


Download Excel Template

Download Google Sheet Template

We turned this spreadsheet into a sample app where building material delivery managers can see on a map where a building/job site is and where the associated building material packages should be picked up from or dropped-off. Based on the criteria they select, the maps can be a combination of Building Sites (primary layer) and Vendors (secondary layer), Vendors (primary layer) and Package PickUp (secondary layer) etc.

Unlike spreadsheets, the app provides a dynamic way to organize data. In this app, data is organized by Driver, Vendor, Overdue Packages, and Late Packages, etc.

Delivery Tracking (1)Copy Shipment Tracking App

Project Management: A Marketing Project Excel Template

This template is based on a spreadsheet I use on a daily basis to manage multiple marketing projects. It organizes projects by Category, for example, Blog, Landing Page, and Campaign, etc.


I turned this spreadsheet into a mobile app and here are some of the most useful features this app has:

  • Groups projects by owners and the project start time to easily track projects.
  • Automates email/SMS notifications to remind people of their project deadlines.
  • Controls access to data so that project owners only see what they need to see.

Project Management App-Date Grouping-3

Download Excel Template

Download Google Sheet Template

Project Management App

Project Management: A Sales Tracker Excel Template

This sales tracker template is for sales people to track their leads (potential customers), which are grouped by job functions and business sectors. Potential customers are color-coded to indicate what stages they are in—1st attempt, 2nd attempt, and Close, etc.


Download Excel TemplateDownload Google Sheet Template

I turned this spreadsheet into a mobile app and here are some of the most useful features this app has:

  • A dashboard view to see customer follow up records, leads by priority, and latest progress.
  • Two charts to show leads by region and by month.
  • A Leads by Priority view to list all opportunities by company, ranked by High Priority Lead in dollar value.
  • You can add a new lead and enter all information that matters. Fields we included in the lead form are Date, Customer Email, Lead Type, Lead Source, Lead Region, Potential Opportunity, Chance of Sales etc.


Lead Tracker App

What other templates would you like to see? Please leave your comments below and I will provide them in my future blogs.

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Gwen Chen

Gwen is a marketer with AppSheet. Prior to AppSheet, she was a digital marketer, a journalist and editor, a translator, and a college teacher. She has a master with Duke University in Environmental Science and an MBA with University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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