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Christina Morales
October 18, 2016

How to Build the Best Travel Apps With a Custom App Builder


Traveling can create incredible memories and unique experiences regardless if it is for work or play. However, there are always a variety of unknowns and complicated details that are involved with any trip. If you are traveling across the country or around the world, app makers can help you to stay organized and prepared for anything that may come your way.

Create Your Own Packing Lists

Is there anything worse than arriving at your location only to realize that you forgot a prescription medication or your mobile device charger? While most destinations have drugstores or department stores, no one wants to stop to buy a $5 toothbrush from the hotel gift shop or waste time finding socks to replace the ones you left at home. A packing list app can remind you to include all of the necessities from home and provide peace-of-mind that you are not leaving anything behind at the hotel when it’s time to depart.

Mobilize To-Do Lists and Contact Lists

Before you leave, there are a lot tasks that you need to complete: applying for a passport, finding a dog sitter, contacting your bank so they don’t freeze your account when overseas charges appear, determining if you need travel insurance, booking your hotel, rental car, and airline tickets, and so much more. As you complete this list, it can also guide you as you make a contact list for when you are on the go. Creating an app that has the information for the dog sitter, your bank, insurance company, hotel, airline, car rental company, emergency contacts, U.S. embassy, travel agents, and anyone else you made need to get ahold of can prevent a lot of headaches later on. If you miss a flight, find yourself at an over-booked hotel, or an emergency arises, all of your information will be in one place when you need it most.

Build Your Travel Itinerary 

As you plan your trip, you may want to build an app of your destination and brainstorm what places you want to visit. IndependentTraveler.com suggests, “Choreographing all you want to get done into a seamless schedule, especially if you're visiting multiple cities or countries, can be a massive challenge. Make it easier by creating a list of everything you want to see or do in your locale. Then put the list in priority order. To help estimate how long an activity will take, or how long it will take to get there, consult a guidebook or check out online forums or reviews for perspectives from other travelers who've been there and done that.”

Once you’ve nailed down this list, create an itinerary app that has a timeline for your trip, but be sure to leave some free time to explore the unexpected!

Create a Travel Budget

Traveling can kind of feel like Christmas: it’s fun while it’s here but the bills come in January. One can easily get enamored with all of the tourist traps and tacky, overpriced tchotchkes. “After the initial investments of transportation and hotel, set a daily budget for expected food, drink, activities, and souvenirs/shopping,” advices Gabrielle Karol of LearnVest.com. “Inflate the number by 10 to 15 percent as a cushion for small emergencies or unforeseen expenses.”

Better yet, keep track of your budget on an app. Once you calculate your initial budget, you can input your expenditures to ensure that you are staying on track. This is also helpful to track exchange rates since many times foreign currency can alter our impression of how much we’re spending. Moreover, you can actually build in a currency exchange calculator into your apps so all of the hard work is done for you!

Document Your Journey 

So many times when we get home all of the sights, adventures, and facts become a jumbled mess in the rearview mirror of jetlag and an inundation of experiences. An app maker like AppSheet offers a variety of tools so that you don’t have to remember every detail. You can implement a map feature to plan out your vacation and pinpoint where you’ve been. You can also upload pictures and categorize them so you will know when and where each shot was taken. All of your friends and family members will be so excited to share in these memories (that is, if you provide free food and beverages).

Who doesn’t look forward to that hard-earned vacation? Maybe you just want a worry-free business trip. Being prepared and organized with customized apps can help you to maximize your travel time and expenses.

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