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Kate Stone
 |  August 27, 2019



Customer service and communication has transformed in the past decade. With the growth of the internet, customers can now offer feedback in a matter of hours instead of days. And with the advancement of digital technology, real-time feedback is becoming standard practice for many industries.

You can now easily create apps to document and record that feedback, and create a better experience for both customers and employees. Using an add-on application, you can transform your Google Docs into an interactive AppSheet app in just a few minutes. 

GoogleAdd-Ons_GIFThis app will allow customers to enter their information, leave comments, upload photos, or even create an electronic signature. The business will be automatically notified any time this happens and employees, managers and owners can instantly view the feedback. This is a great tool if you have a template form or survey you want people to fill out to describe their experience with the business.

This app takes only minutes to create:

  1. From your Google Doc, click "Add Ons" then "Get Add-Ons" and search for "AppSheet".
  2. Install the AppSheet add-on.

If your Google Doc doesn't have text in it already, AppSheet will automatically generate a template you can use. You are free to customize the template or create your own to suit your needs. 

Once you're satisfied, click on the "Prepare" button on the right-hand side. AppSheet will make sure your doc is compatible with the platform. Once it is, you can hit "Launch" to create the app.

DigitalSignature_GIFAnything that was in brackets in your template will now show up as interactive fields in the app that customers can use to enter their information.

You can do a lot more to customize how this app integrates with and displays data sources. There are hundreds of ways to change the behavior and design of the app. It's entirely up to you based on the specifics of your business. For example, you can create a simple rule to generate an email notification any time a customer provides feedback in the app.

EmailNotification_GIFOnce you've finished editing the app, you can deploy it by clicking on "Not Deployed" on the left side of the screen. This will generate an email containing the download link for your app. You can now download it directly to your mobile device.

This app is great for customer feedback, but can also be used for other kinds of field data, including things like quote proposals or safety reports. For a more advanced version of this concept, check out our "Field Survey" sample app using the button below. 

Create field survey app

Creating a great customer service experience is a never-ending quest for perfection. Apps that can help customers provide real-time feedback is a big step towards improving communication between businesses and the people they serve. 

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Kate Stone

Kate loves telling a great story. She recently moved to Seattle after several years as a local news producer in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's now pursuing a master's degree in Communication, Leadership & Digital Media at the University of Washington while working on AppSheet's content strategy team. In her spare time, she loves exploring the city, teaching herself new digital skills, and working through an extensive list of excellent video games.

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