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Gwen Chen
February 02, 2018

How i3 Helped Seniors Get Reliable Rides to Medical Appointments

Senior Center_Ride Request App_AppSheet.jpeg

Vehicle ownership per household in the U.S. is as high as 1.927 cars. Based on that, it may be hard to believe that 3.6 million Americans (a lot of them are seniors) can't make it to nonemergency medical care appointments due to transportation challenges. One major issue: the lack of a transportation management tool to handle transportation requests and coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs.

Most community-based senior center transportation systems work in the following way:

  • A senior calls in to request a ride.
  • The senior center jots down the caller's information on a piece of paper and then check which driver is available.
  • Later, the center transcribes all the information in Excel for  reporting purposes.
This is the process that Action in Matuity (AIM), i3 Healthcare Consulting's client,  used to follow.  But I3 Healthcare Consulting changed all that by helping the senior center build a ride request/driver dispatch app that migrated the original time-intensive call-pen-paper system to an easy-to-use service. The app resulted in 74.6% more rides and has had a huge impact on membership growth.

Find out more about the app i3 made here.


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