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Julia Guthrie
July 08, 2016

How Custom Mobile Apps are Dramatically Expanding the Client Base for this UK Consulting Business

Smarter Business Processes
(SBP) is an organization based in the UK that provides consulting for businesses that wish to improve their processes using cloud-based software. According to the company’s website, “we all need to work smarter and more efficiently yet utilise the strength of our teams to achieve their maximum potential, yet many businesses do not have the tools to provide the intuitive collaboration and file sharing necessary to achieve these essential requirements.”

As recommended Smartsheet consultants, Smarter Business Processes provides optimization, consultancy, expert training, and remote support to Smartsheet clients in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Having worked so closely with Smartsheet, SBP owners Richard and Gwen Rymill found out about AppSheet through one of their Smartsheet contacts who said, “You need to know about AppSheet!”

Richard and Gwen were immediately drawn to the features offered by AppSheet. Though Smartsheet was effective in accomplishing many of the functions clients required, there were other necessary features Smartsheet couldn’t offer. By connecting Smartsheets, Google sheets, and Excel sheets to AppSheet, the team at SBP found they could now provide clients with a whole range of additional functionality based on mobile devices, including conditional logic, signature capture, geo location mapping, data security, and much more.

With this new set of tools, SBP began offering mobile app development to its portfolio of consulting services. The customer response has been very exciting, as Richard says “these are all solutions our clients need.”

SBP’s app building consultants are building apps to simplify and augment all kinds of operations, including construction project management, inventory management, engineer work logging, and timesheet tracking, among others.  

According to Gwen, “discovering AppSheet has been a game-changer for us and enabled us open up a whole new marketing campaign, targeting a much wider audience of business users not previously in dialogue with us.”

Richard and Gwen recently participated in an AppSheet-hosted partner webinar-- check it out to learn more about the business and its offerings.

If you’d like to connect with the team at Smarter Business Processes, you can do so here!

For a guide on successfully launching business apps at your organization, click here

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