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Natalie Logan
 |  December 27, 2018

No matter what field you're working in, expense tracking is something that must happen to operate a sustainable business. Despite that necessity for this process, not everyone is an excel guru, and it can be very frustrating to manage your numbers and budgets when you don't work well with the software. With the right tools, however, expense tracking doesn't have to give you a headache.


As a young adult in the workforce, I understand the struggle that comes with data entry, managing expenses, and keeping track of spending. That's why I created free Excel, Google Sheet, and app templates to make this process easier and free up time for all the other tasks that come with consulting, contracting, and event planning.

Want quick access to your template? Jump ahead:

Expense tracker for consultants

Working as a consultant is complex and full of details that, for the untrained eye, would be easy to miss. This spreadsheet helps to simplify the process of planning, tracking, and managing your clients, work type, and hours all at your fingertips!

This planner keeps track of clients, contacts, and time spent. The pivot table feature organizes your information so it's easy to see how much time you've spent on each work type and client!

 consultant sheet

Image 12-21-18 at 12.14 PM

Download Excel Template

This is also available as a mobile app!

It can be a drag when you've got the data that you need to input, but you're not near your work computer. Having access to this expense tracking on the go allows your to spend your time more efficiently at work.

The mobile app version includes views by date, work type, and client! It also allows you to add data on-the-go, a key requirement for consultants working in different spaces while traveling. Here are three reasons you should use the app instead:

  • A mobile app makes it far easier to see the data when you need to, especially on-the-go.
  • The app includes several data views so you can easily access what you need.
  • The app version empowers you to modernize your time keeping and track it in real-time!

Consultant app

Copy Consultant Expense App

Expense tracker for contractors

Managing properties and all the expenses that come with them requires strong organizational skills best handled by technological tools. That leaves skills like creativity, hard work, and pure craftsmanship to people right where they belong.

This sheet includes estimated price, actual price, and cost overrun. Items are organized by categories, such as cabinets/hardware.

expense contractor sheet
Copy Google Sheet Template
Download Excel Template

Save time and turn this spreadsheet into a mobile app. The mobile app version not only makes it easier to input data, it gives you access to this information anytime, anywherewithout the need to lug your laptop around or write down information to add in your spreadsheet later. Here are my top three reasons for using the app:

  • The app makes data entry way simpler.
  • The graph view clearly shows which items are more or less expensive.
  • You can clearly see the completion status of a job!

Expense contractors appCopy Expense App for Contractors

Expense Tracker for Events

Good organization of strategy and expense is the backbone of a well-planned event. Event planning can take months, and often the budget is the first thing that needs to pass. I created an excel to simplify your budget planning through the event planning process.

This excel form includes estimated - actual cost, a section to input each individual item and its category, and a table for a budget in each category.

Expense event planning sheets
Download Excel Sheet

Bonus: Turn this sheet into a mobile app for stronger organization!

The mobile app version lets you input budgets for categories and items on-the-go, making it that much easier to organize your expenses. Now you don't have to keep receipts and forget to input prices lateryou can do it immediately! Each expense entry will be added to the total expense of that category. Knowing your budget and how much you've spent helps you keep within budget.

Expense tracker for events

Copy Event Expense App

Final thoughts

Expense tracking is tough, but with the right tools, can be exciting. I hope you are able to use these tools to simplify your life and make your expense tracking easier.

Not too long ago, the small business my mom worked at used paper expense ledgers and filing cabinets. While I see a lot of value in expense tracking with tangible tools such as spreadsheets, I feel lucky to live during a time where I can build my own apps on a no-code platform and digitally transform any manual process to a digital one.

What are your thoughts on the transition from paper ledgers and filing cabinets to their digital equivalents? I want to hear what you think in the comments below!

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Natalie Logan

Natalie is a Marketing Intern at AppSheet. She currently attends the University of Washington studying Psychology. She is passionate about building usable and accessible technology! In her free time, you can find Natalie watching quality movies, running, or spending time with her family.

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