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Natalie Logan
November 06, 2018

Free Excel and App Templates for Schools and Universities

Today’s educators work over 400 hours of overtime per year, averaging more than 50 total work hours a week. On the flipside, 88% of people say a teacher has had a significant and positive impact on their life.

Simply put, educators are the backbone of tomorrow's generation. With grading, managing students, and developing lesson plans, educators have a lot on their plate.

Why make teaching more complex than it needs to be? Can they be more productive without having to work long hours?

The answer is yes, absolutely! This is why we created three free customizable excel templates to help educators do their best work. 

And, because it's so easy to do on the AppSheet development platform, we turned each spreadsheet into an app.

All you need to do is copy the app, replace the data, and then customize your app to meet your users' needs.

If you're an educator, this post is for you!

Short on time? Just jump to the template you're most interested in:


Grade Calculator

This simple and straightforward grade calculator has 5 assessment categories—Participation, Homework, Quiz, Exam, and Project.

Each category has a suggested grade weight that’s customizable by changing the column definition. For example, Participation is weighted at 5% and Homework 20%.

After you enter a student's grades for all assignments, the calculator will return the Total Grade as a percentage and convert it to a Letter Grade. 

Add in your students' info and the spreadsheet is yours!

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 9.52.56 PM

Copy Google Sheet Template

Download Excel Template

Bonus: To make this process even easier, we converted the spreadsheet into an app that runs on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. With the app, you can do the following:

  • Get an overview of the grade distribution with histogram and bar chart views;
  • Easily navigate grades in a certain bin, i.e, A, A-, and B etc;
  • Check a student's grade breakdown and make quick edits on the fly.
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 10.50.57 PM

Copy Gradebook App

Student Information Sheet 

Every educator needs access to student information. This spreadsheet template allows easy navigation to vital information such as the student's major, current classes, and emergency contacts. It even includes a photo column so students are easily identifiable.

Student Info Spreadshee-3

Copy Google Sheet Template

Download Excel Template

Bonus: With apps, you can do so much more than a regular spreadsheet:

  • Perform quick edits to any columns of the spreadsheet and have that information reflected in the app;
  • Make phone calls right from the app and include notes on the calls;
  • Organize student information by School, Major, and Graduation Year;
  • Show student addresses on a map.

That’s why we created a customizable app— you can access it on any device and get work done on your terms. Notice this app was created from a different spreadsheet, but the functionality is the same. 

Copy Contact Directory App

Attendance Sheet

Taking attendance should be simple and seamless, especially when there’s limited time in the classroom. This spreadsheet makes it easy to take attendance: simply input the letter corresponding to the student’s status: P for Present, E for absent-excused, U for absent-unexcused, and T for Tardy. The spreadsheet will do the rest! 

Attendance form Spreadsheet-1

Both monthly and weekly options are included in our template. Add your student’s names, customize the dates, and it’ll be ready to use! Disclaimer: Make sure you copy the spreadsheet, not request access!

Copy Google Sheet Template

Download Excel Template

Bonus: Taking attendance is even more seamless on a mobile app. The app we created makes it easy to take attendance anywhere, especially on the go.

An app is your best bet for success. You'll be able to:

  • Automatically record the time when you open up a new form;
  • Easily enter data with drop-down options for First Name and Status;
  • View charts with attendance status distribution for the whole class or a student.

 Attendance form grouped


Copy Attendance Sheet App

Closing Notes

Why apps? You deserve the best tools to help your students succeed. Compared to spreadsheets and other traditional tools, apps:

  • Are easier to use on mobile devices.
  • Have simplified data visualization tools.
  • Lead to less data entry errors.

Curious to know how other educators found AppSheet and why they wanted to make apps to manage processes in their schools? Check out our story on Kipp: Albany Public Schools.

Kipp made a suite of apps to manage school operationsincluding food service, calls, morning attendance, and inventory. Preston Moore, CIO of the schools, said these apps provide the district with loads of value in terms of efficiency, safety, kids not getting lost, and more.

Get started learning how to build your own apps and customize your life as an educator with AppSheet!

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