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Natalie Logan
 |  December 05, 2018

Truck and delivery drivers give 'on-the-go' a whole new meaning. In any 7-day period in the U.S., some drivers are on the road for up to 77 hours.

Some drivers contract out work, some work for a company, and some own their own businesses. What's the one thing they all have in common, aside from their profession? They all work hard and deserve access to the tools available to help them succeed. According to McKinsey & Company, technology helps workers manage customer demand through remote dispatch monitoring, flexible workforce management, and improved performance management. 

We agree and that's why we created several free spreadsheet templates and mobile apps for all those drivers on-the-go!

Short on time? Jump to the template you're most interested in:


Mileage and Cost Tracker

This mileage tracker spreadsheet keeps track of destinations (End), estimated mileage (Distance (Est, Mile)), actual mileage (Distance (Actual, Mile)), and the cost (Total Cost) of the trip. The Photo column adds a personal element to the sheet.

The estimated actual mileage column is green for zero (or less) extra miles, yellow for 0-10, and red for more than 10 miles. The Distance (Est, Mile) links to Google Maps so you can see exactly what the recommended route is too!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.17.35 AM

Copy Google Sheet Template

Download Excel Template

Bonus: What better way to take advantage of these tools than to turn this mileage tracker into a mobile app?

With an app you get a number of "bonus" benefits: 

  • Speed. You can enter the data wherever you are—even offline—making for faster data entry.
  • Fewer errors. No need for paper trails of information before you have time to update your spreadsheet resulting in less data entry errorsespecially important when dealing with numbers that can determine cost and payment.
  • Convenience. You don't need to carry your laptop with you—all you need is a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Automation. The app automatically captures the date and time for you—so less time spent entering data!

dispatch mileage tracker app

Copy Mileage Tracker App

Delivery Tracking

Delivery management is fast-paced and time-sensitive. Managing the process is much easier when the information is stored in such a way that the whole team can access it online. Happy customers, happy employees, and a less hectic delivery day. Everybody wins!

With this spreadsheet, you can track:

  • Delivery destination and time.
  • Contact person name and phone number.
  • A color-coated delivery status customizable to your preference.
  • Comments on the delivery.

delivery tracking spreadsheet-1

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Download Excel Template

Bonus: I love this spreadsheet but one vital component of the delivery experience is missing: signatures. The mobile app we created from this spreadsheet includes all the key components of the spreadsheet with the added signature feature. It's ideal for delivery workers and dispatch managers to update and track progress in real time and the signature denotes that the package was received—a great way to ensure that the delivery was successful.

The mobile app version also includes a map, giving delivery managers the opportunity to visualize routes without needing to open another app to figure out exact destinations.

delivery app

Copy the Delivery Tracker App

Driver Dispatch and Scheduling

This spreadsheet is personalized for dispatch managers to view employee hours and manage scheduling. It has sections for each employee and includes their schedule, deliveries, and hours. It also contains a personalizable pivot table for a dynamic and organized view of your data! This template tracks:

  • Hours by day.
  • Weekly hours.
  • Hours per item delivered.
  • Driver shifts.
dispatch schedule grouped-3Copy Google Sheet TemplateDownload Excel Template
Bonus: Work smarter, not harder. Why not use the technology at your fingertips and turn this spreadsheet into a mobile app? Here are the added features that makes driver dispatch and scheduling so much easier:
  • Calendar view. This calendar includes daily, weekly, and monthly viewing options—making it easier to visualize schedules.
  • Location mapping. The app maps the destinations—making is easier to plan routes.
  • Tracking. Each job number has its own data, delivery status, and customer—making it easier to track the progress of deliveries.
By now, I'm pretty sure you've noticed a theme here: the app makes the whole process much easier so why not copy it and start using it today?
delivery schedule app

Copy Dispatch Schedule App

Personal Note

My favorite part about these spreadsheets is how easy it is to turn them into mobile apps. As someone with minimal technical experience, I never thought I could do this. But with AppSheet, I am an app maker!

If you have any other favorite dispatch templates or apps, leave the links in the comments below—I am always looking for new spreadsheets or templates to appify!

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Natalie Logan

Natalie is a Marketing Intern at AppSheet. She currently attends the University of Washington studying Psychology. She is passionate about building usable and accessible technology! In her free time, you can find Natalie watching quality movies, running, or spending time with her family.

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