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Phil Russell
 |  December 12, 2019

Incorporating technology into your construction business model will continue to be an important factor going into the new year. With so many different technological advancements happening all the time, it can be challenging to navigate what technology is going to prove the most valuable for your business and your workers.

We’ve compiled a list of five tech gadgets that we think would be valuable additions to your construction business. Some of the key ideas we considered when compiling these five were safety, accessibility, and security. Check them out below:

1. Illumagear’s Halo Helmet Light

original-1-39-halo_on_hard_hat (1)

Having proper lighting is important for your workers who are completing jobs in tough environments, especially when the work goes into the night. Traditionally, construction workers have used headlamps and stationary lamps around the site to illuminate the field. Ilumagear's Halo Helmet Light is great addition for your team because it provides a full 360 degree spectrum of light, illuminating the worker so they are visible to others while also illuminating their surroundings. Additionally, traditional headlamps burn through batteries left and right, the Halo light uses a rechargeable battery that lasts over 5 hours! It might seem like a trendy addition, but this head light isn't just sleek, it makes your workforce more safe and saves you money.

2. Kespry Construction Drones

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Agg Site 3 (1) (1)

Adding a drone to your construction fleet might seem like a costly way to have visual documentation of your groundwork, but Kespry has designed a drone that does a lot more for construction. One of the first hurdles your workers might cross with drones is learning how to fly them. Kespry has made it simple. You can plan out a flight ahead of arriving to the site and the drone will follow your route, documenting the site as directed. It can produce survey-grade field data in less than 30 minutes from the air, and all of the data it collects it automatically stored on the cloud. That's right, not need for SD cards or data transfers; the drone does it all with a few directives to get it going. The Kespry drone reduces field surveying hours by 30 times and allows workers to complete jobs quicker with more efficiency.

3. Sonetics Rugged Headsets

apx_373_hero_cat (1)

Sometimes half the battle on a construction site is making sure that coworkers can hear one another over loud machinery. Sonetics offers a great option to keep workers connected out in the field with the headsets. The headsets offer a rugged design that is completely hands-free. And it can withstand the demanding environment of construction. Sonetics offers one-way and two-way communication options that work wirelessly on the site, and on top of that, the headsets protects workers hearing with great noise reduction technology. The headset comes with a rechargeable battery and when fully charged it offers a whopping 44 hours of battery life before needing to be charged again. Sonetics is a great addition to any construction team, it makes workers lives safer and more connected.

4. Pillar Risk Management Technology

pods-front (1)

One of the hardest aspects of managing any construction site is securing your assets and making sure the site remains safe for your workers and the public. Pillar offers a great product with their risk management technology. Hang that green sensor in your construction zone and it monitors your site for environmental hazards, gas leaks, asbestos, and more. The best part? It will automatically notify you view text message if there are any unexpected changed on the site whether you're away or present. All the data that your Pillar collects is stored in the cloud and accessible through their software so you can keep track of data collected by workers on the site, floor plans, building history, and more. The Pillar has a year long battery life too, so you won't have to worry about charging it every couple of days.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 8.0"

TABSAM3950__4 (1)

Today, any construction site can benefit from having tablets deployed at the work site. The hardest part about utilizing tablets in construction though is their durability. Samsung's Galaxy Tab Active2 is a great, affordable choice to bring into your workforce. The Active2 offers a ruggedized design that is also water-resistant, so your workers don't have to be afraid of getting it a little dirty. Samsung has also developed technologies that allow for security on the tablet while also acknowledging that construction workers are often wearing gloves and other headgear. Active2 offers a "glove mode" for gloved hands to navigate it, as well as a facial recognition software. The Active2 also comes equipped with a stylus for more precise actions on the touch screen, and has a camera so your workers can take on-site photos for documentation.

One more thing

With the addition of any tablet into the construction workforce, it's worth noting that you can start utilizing that mobile interface to design apps to automate workflows, better document work history, and more. AppSheet is a no-code platform that allows you to design powerful, agile, and flexible apps specifically for your work-related needs. All you need is the data organized nicely in GoogleSheets or Excel spreadsheet, and our software will start populating an app for you to build out. Check out our sample apps and get started designing your own!


Technology is changing the way we engage with our work in a number of ways. The construction industry is the perfect place to incorporate the latest in wearable tech, drones, and other IoT (internet of things) technologies to make work sites not only smarter, but safer. This is only a short list of the possibilities that are out there, but we think it's a great jumping off point to start thinking about concrete ways construction can benefit from digital adoption.

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