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Santiago Uribe
 |  March 15, 2017

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Are you reading this on your smartphone right now? If not, is your smartphone within five feet of where you’re at? Studies have found that the average smartphone user spends about 195 minutes per day looking at that little screen, and this is a strong reflection of the present and future mobile workforce. “By 2020, the number of U.S. mobile workers will grow to 105.4 million, a jump from 96.2 million in 2015,” found IT research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). “Also by that year, mobile workers will make up 72.3 percent of the total U.S. workforce.”

Making sales teams work smarter, not harder.

While field teams are the on the rise, it is becoming more and more crucial to empower these employees with customized mobile apps. This innovation of working efficiently with optimal communication is a top priority for Antwain Jordan, Sales Execution Coordinator for Spring Mobile which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GameStop and serves as the premier wireless retailer for AT&T and Cricket Wireless operating in over +1500 locations. “Part of my job is to take the everyday sales and our onboarding process and simplify them by removing redundancy from the process”, explains Antwain. “Since we have partnered with AppSheet, we have developed and currently use 5 applications on a regular basis to help us accomplish that.”

Part of my job is to take the everyday sales and our onboarding process and simplify them by removing redundancy from the process

Modern day businesses are no longer constrained by state lines or time zones. For many, including Antwain, their team expands across the nation and often times, the globe. Mobile apps are a great way to ensure that communication is clear and that progress is being made in a timely manner (which is especially crucial concerning sales). In fact, Natalie Lambert of Enterprise Apps Tech found in a recent Forrester Research report that “30 percent of employees want personalized notifications of tasks that need to be completed and another 28 percent of employees believe a personalized feed of individual actions and updates would improve how they leverage, access, and take action on information.”

Initial Project Requirements

  • Connect multiple spreadsheets and data sources in an unified solution
  • Automate workflows through email and SMS
  • Enable real-time reporting


Before using AppSheet, Antwain’s work process consisted of accessing multiple spreadsheets and documents that contained a lot of the same data. “This proved to be a task because Google sheets can only handle so many sheets, cells or rows per workbook, and typically required the use of multiple bookmarks. Excel could not provide us with a cloud-based system that we were looking to use to get real-time information,” explains Antwain. “We were also looking for ways to quickly automate workflows through e-mails and text messages. By combining AppSheet with Google sheets, I have been able to organize, develop reports, simplify processes and trigger workflows in the fraction of the time we use to before.”

Antwain has been able to customize his apps to his specific job duties. He has developed five apps in which four of the apps are used on a daily basis. These apps range from CRM management to Onboarding new hires. These apps have features that not only manage automated workflows, but allow for better time management. “Being able to manage our time better allows us to concentrate on other areas that allow us growth and opportunity. As I am solely responsible for all day to day interactions with AppSheet. I have been able to simplify processes that would take normally take hours, down to minutes. Our sales reps can quickly get real-time notification on leads that come through our CRM.”


Antwain further customized his apps with additional features. “Because our apps are being used nationwide, it can be difficult to deliver messages to teams across the country so we use GoTo Meeting to discuss app updates and changes. One thing that simplifies this is AppSheet’s user-friendly monitor mode that allows the tracking of user statistics and workflow actions. Having this is very important because I can see who is actually interacting with the app, how often, and if any issues arise with the sync process you can tell, when, where, how & why. That way I can directly reach out to those individuals to provide aid.”

Here are some of the apps that Antwain has deployed to his field sales teams.


This app is used by our sales executives to track all our leads and where they came from. We are able to use all of our spreadsheets connected to send back to AT&T while staying within SOC compliance.

  • Tracks leads in real-time when our lead generators submit leads
  • Tracks referral payout expenses.
  • Automated vendor setup and sends secured W9's through email workflows
  • Emails confirmation letter to customers on completion of sales.
  • Tracks updates of lead statuses in real-time.
  • Allows contacting customers a breeze using quick action buttons
  • Record new leads in real-time during the order process
  • Dashboard view of lead statuses and expenses to provide a

Spring Concierge

Spring Concierge is a web app we developed to securely collect leads from our lead generators. Our lead generators send us leads through a website designed to showcase our team, what we do, and our growth.

  • Web app developed for lead generators to easily send leads to sales team
  • Directory of all sales executives to easily provide contact when needed for support
  • A map to show where our sales executives are located.

BSIS On-boarding

This app is used to minimize the amount of time required to request access to tools, devices, and training. During our hyper growth, this is extremely important because it allows our new hires to start faster and minimizes time spent to set these individuals up.

  • Automates email workflows for requesting new hire information such as employee ID's, training, requesting new devices, and requesting access to other tools
  • Allows for the upload of employee picture and biographies.
  • Easily find and locate team members or store locations by multiple identifiers such as address, manager's name and store specific codes.
  • Breaks down store locations by color coding regions
  • Directory to quickly contact sales executives
  • Allows for the removal of employee access to other apps when inactive or terminated.

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Santiago Uribe

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