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Santiago Uribe
September 08, 2017

Feature Friday: There's a Map for That


Welcome to Feature Friday. Location and Edit edition. 

Over the past two weeks, we've added updates to the App Editor, how we manage locations, and how we manage system actions. These new features give you lots of extra power to customize apps. 

Check them out!

System Actions Update: Edit button

You can now control the Edit button -the big floating pencil icon that shows in all editable records in an app. 

What does this mean? 

You can hide the option to edit a record based on a condition. Let's say you don't want people to edit records on the last day of the month, or you want to restrict certain records to be edited by certain people. You can now make it happen by changing conditions for the Edit action in your tables.

Edit Button.gif

Additionally, if you have Quick Edit buttons in your app, you can completely hide the edit button and rely on the quick edit buttons for structured data updates. 

Edit Action is available under Behavior > Actions > System actions. 

Maps and Locations Update

We introduced a neat feature that makes it easier to enter a Lat/Long (location) field in a form. Before we allowed the user to type in the Latitude/Longitude of a location or use the device GPS to add it. Now you can drag-and drop a pin in a map to mark the precise location. This will make it easier to mark locations that are unreachable or when the user is no longer at the precise location. 

Map in LatLong.gif

This will be the default behavior for any Lat/Long field that the app user can edit. We'll eventually add a similar capability for addresses. 

Included in the update is a more accurate location capture in the HERE() expression. Use the HERE() expression in your apps to automatically capture a location on behalf of the user.

Turn any column into a Lat/Long type in Data > Column Structure.

Editor Updates

We did a quick feature update early in the week to improve how you manage apps in the editor. Check out this video featuring Sarah from the engineering team! 

In the video we cover:

1. Updates to the Info tab
2. Updates to the Manage tab and Deployment Check
3. Quick links to views and data
4. My Team tab


See you next week!

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