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Santiago Uribe
November 17, 2017

Feature Friday: Progress on Postgres, Archive PDFs!






Welcome back to Feature Friday. Our main release this week is a native connection to Postgres databases. Connect your cloud instance of a Postgres DB as a data source to get started. We're also sharing a set of improvements to workflows in AppSheet. Leave a comment here!

PostgreSQL a.k.a Postgres is available as a data source!

Postgres let's you scale your data out and provide a better experience for concurrent users of your apps. I was able to create a Postgress instance in Amazon Web Services with no prior experience, and then create an app from Postgress within minutes. Check out this video with a quick walkthrough. Do try it out!



Lots of goodies for automated emails and notifications.

Hundreds of thousands of emails are sent automatically from thousands AppSheet apps every month. Check out this video highlighting some of our most recent updates to the workflows engine. 




See you next week!

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