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Jennifer Cadence
October 18, 2019

Feature Friday: Action Updates, Dashboard Tabs, and Translating Images With OCR Text

Recently, we've made some exciting updates to the AppSheet platform to help you build your apps faster. Read all about some of our newest additions below.

Ordered-flow of actions

If you work with data that moves through multiple stages, such as data used in project management apps, you’re going to love this latest addition to actions. AppSheet now uses platform intelligence to suggest and group actions without the need to set multiple behavior actions within that column group. To get started with these "ordered-flow" actions, open your editor and click on Behavior → Actions.

action1Want to see this new feature in action? We've built a great project management app to demonstrate this feature during our office hours webinar this week. Check out this demo and the latest webinar recordings here.

True/false toggle suggested actions

Similar to the new “ordered-flow” actions, you can now move through stages with true/false (or yes/no) values. You can still manually make changes to these behavior actions with Enum lists Yes/No expressions, but we wanted to help you build your app faster so you can take care of what’s important for your business.



OCR Translate

We’ve expanded our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to include language translation. Not only can you extract text from an image, but you can now translate the text to a language of your choice by using a new formula type. Ready to give it a try? Follow these steps to add this update:

  1. Add an ‘Image’ column to the data table
    Make the initial value of the ‘Phrase’ field ‘=OCRTEXT([Image])’
  2. You can learn more about this feature and interact with a sample app by visiting this link.

This feature is in beta, so please share your feedback here to help us improve and let us know how you’re using OCR to improve your business.

Dashboard Tabs

Enable the recently launched "Dashboard Tabs" to appear when the screen size of the current device is narrow, usually when the app is opened on a phone or small tablet. To start using this feature, visit the Dashboard View settings and enable "Use Tabs in Mobile View".



How will you use these new features? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know. Happy app building!


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