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Jennifer Cadence
 |  December 27, 2019

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features. To close out 2019, we wanted to highlight the top feature releases of the year. We took this list very seriously, in part because we released so much this year that it made our heads spin. Rather than rehash the data pulls and heart breaks over what made the list, we’ll take you straight to the good stuff. 

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The Top Ten

10. File Generating Workflows

If you work with workflows, chances are you also use the "Save File" feature. Because of its popularity, we grew this feature over the course of 2019 to include custom PDF sizes, .ics calendar invites, and more. To learn more about the “so awesome”capability of this feature, see how the AppSheet Community has been using it. Save File Type-19. SNAPSHOT()

SNAPSHOT() is a new release, but within the first few days of availability it was used more than 3000 times. For those of you that have applications that incorporate daily inspection reports of a worksite or you have large amounts of data displayed in a dashboard that you would like to send to your executive team automatically, this is a great expression to add. 

8. Bulk Select

The small but mighty action that made a big impact for applications built by everyone in the AppSheet Community, including our staff. With this feature you can scroll through the view highlighting the rows where you want to apply a normal action. If you've never used it before, there's a sample app included below where you can give it a whirl. 

7. Data: execute an action on a set of rows

As displayed below, there are a number of actions you can take to modify data or navigation within your application. One of the purposes of these action types is to save you time and make your applications more efficient. If you're looking for an automated version of the popular bulk select feature, this action makes that happen.

image (2)-1

6. Customizable Dashboards

Interactive mode, tabs, and custom sizing all provided new and powerful ways to display your data in this view type. according to fellow Creators, “The dashboards and data analytics side of app sheet is honestly my favorite.” The data supports this too, with tens of thousands of dashboards being added to applications this year. 

Interactive Dashboard


5. Add a new row to another table using values from this row

Released this summer, this action has been a hot topic. With this action you can specify which separate table data should be added to while defining each column added, allowing rows of data to quickly be updated and moved across all tables in your application. 

Action - Add Row to New Table4. Predictive Values

Need to estimate the cost of a project or predict customer churn? You'll love predictive values. Technically we released a beta of this feature in late 2018, but we’ve made so many updates to it this year that it was an absolute must to include on this list. 


3. Predictive Classification

If you've ever wondered why we call ourselves an "Intelligent Platform" this is one of the reasons why. This release plus a little machine learning can help improve your apps in countless ways. 


2. Map Point Grouping

Maps can become very cluttered very, very quickly. We wanted to help avoid this often frustrating display issue by giving you the option of grouping your pins together or leaving them separate on your map display. 

Map Pin Grouping-1

1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Extracting information such as prices or names from an image became possible this year. Since the beta release in late July, this feature has been used in thousands of applications making it number one on our list for a reason. It’s highly customizable, powerful, and a complete game changer. 

OCR Form Scan


That’s a wrap on the top features of the year! Stop by the AppSheet community to let us know what your favorite feature of the year was. 

Thank you all for a fantastic 2019 and a very Happy New Year! 


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