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Santiago Uribe
December 22, 2017

Feature Friday: Stocking Stuffers 2017

We're moving into holiday mode at AppSheet central. Nine more days until the end of the year and in keeping with the spirit of the season, we've released a number of new features. The features range from simpler concatenate expressions to adding a photograph to your drawings. Continue reading to learn more.

Picture in drawings: 

We added a new control for Drawing type columns which allows you to take a picture directly from the drawing pad and then annotate it. 


To create a drawing field in your app, simply change the column type to Drawing in Data > Columns

Video column type: 

Some of of you are working on delivering training materials to teams, vendors, and new employees and have asked us to enable video display as part of apps. We are now happy to introduce support for video in the Detail and Form views. This way you can include a video snapshot as part of the app experience. 


Video columns are available as a column type in Data > Columns. Simply populate the cell with the URL to the YouTube video and AppSheet will render it in the app. URLs pointing to MP4s also work.

Simpler concatenate: 

You can now write expressions that combine multiple fields by using the inline text concatenate operator '&' which is a common method to concatenate values in Excel formulas. Before, you would concatenate values with a formula CONCATENATE([A],[B],[C]...), now you can simply write [A]&[B]&[C]... and get the same result.

Filtering of references: 

Whenever you create a reference between two tables, a parent-child relationship is created between the two and the parent table automatically gets a virtual column with related items. That way you can see a list of related items for every record in the parent.

We updated our expressions to support easier formulas based on that virtual column, so you can do things like adding-up or counting related values.

We made an app to show you how it works. Check it out.  

Dynamic display names for actions: 

We now allow action display names to be based on the content of the current row.

So for example, if there is an action called Contact on a Customer table with a column Name, the action's display name can be "Contact" & [Name] --- so you'd see "Contact Praveen" or "Contact Bob" etc, changing from row to row.

Likewise, the display name for a Detail view is shown in the app's header bar. This can also be dynamic and depends on the current row being shown.

Performance analyzer:

The performance analyzer gives you more details on how your apps are being used. You can filter performance profiles by user ID, by table, and display different aspects of the app behavior. It will help you identify trends and problematic devices in across multiple users. 


Add charts to reports: 

We are testing a new feature for your email templates called SNAPSHOT. When you create a template for email or PDF distribution, sometimes you want to add graphics to it. With SNAPSHOT you should be able to create it. This feature is still in beta and may not produce all the results you want, so please test it and let us know what you think.  

Upgrades to My Team:

You'll start seeing updates to My Team in your AppSheet account. My team lets you collaborate with other app creators in your domain, sharing apps as templates and allowing you to collaborate and connect. We'd love to get your feedback on the types of features that you want to see in My Team. Please connect with us via community.appsheet.com and let us know!

What do you think about the most recent releases? Share your thoughts in community.appsheet.com

See you next year!





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