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Jennifer Cadence
 |  November 15, 2019

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features. This quick guide will help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters.

shutterstock_1052646446Take a SNAPSHOT() of your data 

We have to admit, we’re excited about this one. Let’s say you have an application that incorporates daily inspection reports of a worksite or you have large amounts of data displayed in a dashboard that you would like to send to your executive team automatically.

The SNAPSHOT() addition to workflows allows you to take static images of charts, graphs or custom maps and add them to either PDF attachments or emails sent from your application’s workflow.


This feature leverages the LINKTOFORM() expression but requires the addition of SNAPSHOT() to the template formula. To add to your applications functionality, navigate in your app editor to Behavior > Reports or Workflows. From here, select or add the action that you would like to contain the SNAPSHOT() template. There are a few additional steps to take and we recommend reviewing the final steps of this process in our help center

EXTRACT() information from text

A BETA release that allows you to extract a wide variety of information (values) from text. Have an image of a mailing list full of emails? Want to parse prices from receipts? All of this and more can be accomplished by inputting the keyword option value you’d like extracted from text.

Below are a few examples to demonstrate. Note that the “LIST” items at the end of each example  are the values that have been extracted based on the stated value.

EXTRACT("PRICES", "So, we've got a frappuccino for $3.49, a chocolate muffin for $2.49, and a chocolate milk for 99 cents, for a total of $6.97. Will that be all?"): LIST(3.49, 2.49, 0.99, 6.97)

EXTRACT("DATETIMES", "Set a meeting for November 14th at 4pm"): LIST(DATETIME("11/14/2019 16:00:00")) (replace 2019 with whatever the current year is, if you're reading this in the future)

EXTRACTEMAILS("Mailing List: a@a.com, b@b.com, c@c.com”) : LIST(“a@a.com”, “b@a.com”, “c@a.com”)

To view the complete list of EXTRACT formulas, start with this article.

How will you use these new features in your app building? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know!

Happy app building!

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