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 |  September 07, 2018

Feature of the Week: Sliding Actions 

Custom actions enable app users to quickly visit links, send emails, make phone calls, change values, jump to other views (or entirely different apps), among many other things.

This week, we're excited to introduce 'Sliding Actions' that allow users to initiate actions simply by sliding any row in a Deck View left or right. This sliding functionality is common in most mobile interfaces, and will help ensure your app is as intuitive and efficient as possible for new users.

Some examples of scenarios for using a Slide Action include:

  • When users are required to frequently 'Edit' or 'Delete' items.
  • If a manager is responsible for 'Approving' or 'Rejecting' requests.
  • When projects or orders require frequent status updates, such as 'Next Stage' or 'Prior Stage'. 

slider demo

The icons used in your Sliding Actions can be customized when creating the Action (just like any other Action), and the colors are determined by creating a Format Rule applied to the action.

Invalid Input Error Message

When collecting data, whether it be customer information, survey responses, or inventory updates, it's frequently important to qualify and control the field inputs before the form is submitted.

With the introduction of 'Invalid Input Error Messages', it's now easy to alert app users of any errors when submitting a form, and provide simple instructions for how to make a correction.

When customizing your forms and building 'Valid If' conditions on each field, adding an expression-based 'Error Message If Invalid' value will display a custom message if the submitted entry doesn't meet your required criteria.

These messages can be static messages or customized with variable fields - for example, when forcing users to only submit future dates, an error message could be a static message, or could be customized to include the TODAY() expression as a reminder.

invalid entry error message2

'WORKDAY' Expression

The WORKDAY function you may already be familiar with in Excel or Google Sheets is now available as an AppSheet Expression. Use WORKDAY() to help calculate scenarios like delivery dates, project deadlines, vacation durations, etc., by automatically accounting for weekends.

Work Day DemoThoughts about these new features? Share your ideas & questions in the Creator Community!


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