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 |  June 21, 2019

Rearranging Workflow Steps

Workflows help automatically send notifications, change data & generate documents, as data throughout your app is added or changed.

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 3.03.28 PM

Some workflows are best created with multiple steps to ensure data is changed before files are generated or reports are delivered. To help organize these steps within a single workflow, app creators can now easily drag & drop each step to rearrange their order.

Rearranging Workflows

To rearrange workflows with multiple steps, just look for the 'Rearrange' button in the upper-right section of the workflow, then drag each step to the appropriate order.

Automatic App Documentation

Every AppSheet app consists of a unique combination of data sources, table structures, customized interfaces, variable formatting, various types of actions & workflows (and much more). These attributes are contained within the app's 'app definition' that the app creator makes & maintains with the AppSheet Editor.

An exportable summary of each app definition is now available to app creators as a quick reference of the composition of each app. Visit ‘Info’ > ‘Properties’ > ‘App Documentation’ to access the documentation page for each app.

App Documentation PDF


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