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Jennifer Cadence
 |  November 08, 2019

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features. This quick guide will help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters.

AppSheet Staff Favorite: Dashboards

One of our team’s favorite ways to display data is with the Dashboard view.

Why are we in love with the dashboard view? Customization! The dashboard view's ability to access multiple views, as well as filter data interactively, allow you to display a diverse set of view types (e.g. charts, details, tables, etc.) in one quick snapshot. Did we mention it’s also a great default view for your app’s users?

In addition, the feature helps you take advantage of the larger screen sizes on computer browsers. Many of our views are designed for mobile and tablet, but if you’re viewing your app on a desktop or laptop computer, dashboards are the powerhouse view.

shutterstock_1368244262 (1)

Webhook Generating Form Post 

Our product improvements are always inspired by you, the AppSheet Creator. This recent release is a great example of how your input shapes what we come out with next. 

Workflows have already given you a more powerful way to make your applications your own, but we’ve added another way to customize. With webhook generating form posts you can now customize and control the content and format for your webhook body with a template. You can learn more about the webhook feature in the AppSheet Community.

Range of rows

A simple update that will save you time is the ability to select multiple rows (or items) and perform an action. To use this feature, you’ll need to ensure you’ve enabled Quick Edit in your applications UX settings.


How will you use these new features in your app building? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know.

Happy app building!

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Jennifer Cadence

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