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Jennifer Cadence
 |  October 25, 2019

We’ve been making some exciting updates at AppSheet to help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters. Meet some of our newest additions below.

Custom PDF Attachment Sizes

For app creators working with workflows, we’ve made an exciting update to what you can send. Your PDF attachments are no longer restricted by standardized paper sizes. These can now be customized to any size you may need to help your business run more efficiently. From barcode labels to posters, customize your automation. To get started with custom PDF attachments, open your editor and click on Behavior >> Workflows.


Want to learn more about how to work with workflows so you can take advantage of this new feature? Register for one of our upcoming office hour sessions.

Loading Screen Animations

If you’re looking for a simple way to provide a high amount of impact your app users, look no further than our loading screen animation feature. This oldie-but-goodie feature gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand or add a additional personality to your app in GIF format. No GIF? No problem! There are a number of places to find GIFs to enhance your apps. Our team finds great options on GIPHY that fit a variety of business needs.

To add a GIF, open your app editor and click on UX >> Brand >> Launch Image to enter your GIF’s URL. You can learn more about how our community uses this feature here

Improved side menu layout

Recently, we’ve made some improvements to the side menu. This new, minimalist style supports a larger list of menu options, and divides the menu up so that it’s easier for your app’s users to find what they need while letting your content take center stage. 

menuHow will you use these new features in your app building? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know!

Happy app building!


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