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Santiago Uribe
 |  May 04, 2018

Welcome to Feature Friday. This week we'll dig deeper into our recently released NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities. You can now enable a multitude of scenarios with NFC tags and AppSheet. Continue reading below to learn more.

Feature of the WeeK: NFC Support for your apps

NFC technology is commonly available in most modern smartphones, making it a powerful option to add to your mobile apps. We are happy to introduce NFC support for AppSheet apps. This includes using NFC for data capture and using NFC to launch apps on Android devices. 

NFC allows two devices communicate only when one is in short proximity of the other. One of the devices is usually a tag (or card) that is storing information that the other device can read. This means you can create NFC tags that populate specific information into AppSheet applications. To do this in AppSheet, it's as simple as making any field NFC Scannable:

NFC Scannable

Some of AppSheet's enterprise customers in industrial sectors have highlighted how NFC support will enable new scenarios for auditing and reporting with AppSheet apps where they didn't have a cost effective solution in the past. Here are some ideas of what you can do with NFC:

  • Production line asset tracking. Use tags to track items in different stages of a production line, use AppSheet to quickly capture tag information for the item
  • Safety Audits. For fixed locations in a manufacturing floor. You can use NFC tags to record a specific location or asset where they are supposed to perform an audit or inspection. 
  • Check-in and time-sheets. Provide employees with an encoded card so they can use it to quickly check-in to an app available in a fixed location.
  • Launch apps on Android. Create AppSheet app shortcuts and use an Android 8.0 or higher device to automatically launch an app, or even better, launch a pre-filled form. Imagine prefill key items of a form in the shortcut and have the auditor tap on the card, launch the app and confirm the final steps of the form.
  • Geocaching game. Ok this is not an industrial application but we just realized in the office you could make a nifty geocaching game by storing codes in a card with instructions and then hide them. Treasure hunt!

What do you think about the most recent release? Share your thoughts in community.appsheet.com.

See you next week!

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Santiago Uribe

Santiago is the VP of Product at AppSheet. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Prior to AppSheet, Santiago worked at Microsoft, got an MBA from CMU and worked in international trade development in New York and Bogota, Colombia.

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