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Santiago Uribe
July 07, 2017

Feature Friday: Greatest Hits Edition

Welcome to a new feature update! The team has been working hard on new features for apps and App Editor. We'll share one new feature announcement and a couple of recent releases, which are favorites of the team and have been used in thousands of apps so far.

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Quick Save (New!)

Call us overzealous, but when you are making a mobile app, it's important to check that all associated tables and files are consistent. If the columns in your spreadsheet change, but the column structure in the app hasn't yet, then you want AppSheet to verify the data and see if all parts are consistent. And that's what we do every time. But this also means the time it takes to save is longer when you have larger apps even if you didn't make any changes to your data.


We updated the Save button to give you two options. When you click SAVE, AppSheet will only update the template for a quicker save. When you click SAVE & VERIFY DATA, AppSheet will perform the consistency check, which will make the save slower but will check for potential mismatches between data and tables. 

User Settings

User Settings were introduced in March of this year. Till now, over 1500 apps have implemented User Settings to deliver personalized experiences to users. Here's what we wrote about it then: 


User Settings lets you create personalized experiences in your apps by allowing the app users to select options that can populate the rest of the app. For example, you can create a setting for store number and a security filter that only lets matching store information be displayed on a table view.

User Settings is available in the Premium, PRO, and Publisher PRO plans

Bulk Actions

Since we launched this feature in January this year, over 35,000 apps have implemented Actions!

Did you know that you can apply actions to multiple items in Table view or Deck view? Check out more details on bulk actions from our original post.


Quickly run Actions on many records at once, including deleting records.

A few weeks ago we announced Actions, which make it easy to modify records from the Slideshow view. Actions can now also be used in the Table, Deck, and Gallery views by selecting one or more rows, and running the action on all rows at once. In addition to actions you create, delete is also an option on tables that allow deletes.

See you next week!


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