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Santiago Uribe
July 14, 2017

Feature Friday: The one about Google Domains Integration

Happy Friday! This week we have a couple of new features to announce. The first one is one that will make Google Admins creating and managing AppSheet apps very happy. The second will make App Creators want to improve their formula and expression writing game. 


Continue reading below!

Google Domain Integration

As part of our Enterprise Offerings, we've added the ability to manage access to AppSheet apps through Google Domains. This mean Google Admins can create apps and manage the list of authenticated users by pointing to a Google Group. All members of the group will have access to the app. 


Our Google Domains integration (and future Microsoft Integration) will give the tools to group admins to manage app access from a single place. 


Find Domain Integration in your AppSheet Account Page and in Security > Domain Integration

Try it out or request a demo today!

Expression Assistant

One of the richest parts of AppSheet apps is the ability to add refined logic to app interactions, data, security, and workflows. The AppSheet platforms uses familiar formulas that you'd commonly see in an Excel or Google Sheet workbook to help you create the logic for your apps.

We've recently updated the Expressions assistant to verify your formulas while you type them! This will let you see if you are going in the right direction while entering a formula and if the result will be valid. Check it out in the Tables, Workflow, and UX tabs! 



Dynamic Table Update Mode (Labs)

Every time you add a table, you can allow data to be added, updated, and deleted through the app. Setting the update mode used to be static, you set the rules once. Now you can make this dynamic with a formula. 


This feature is still in early stage and bound to have significant changes. We want your feedback and learn from which scenarios would benefit from dynamically the update rules of a table.

See you next week!


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