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Santiago Uribe
 |  January 19, 2018

It's been a few weeks since out last post and it's time for a new Feature Friday. We've added a few early-year features for your app creation pleasure. Check them out!

Improving app performance: 

We are increasing our focus to both help you understand and improve the performance of your apps. App responsiveness is the single most important element of end-user satisfaction. So for us and for you as app creators, this is an area of continuous improvement. Read Praveen's post about improving performance.

User Roles: 

Many apps have different functionality or behavior for different categories of users. The most common scenario is to have employees and managers, or users and admins. Based on the category of the app user, some features are available or they are blocked using expressions.

Each of our app creators needed to implement this themselves using a lookup table of user emails and categories. Instead, we're baking this into the user whitelist/security model. Read More.

Updates to Show type columns and format rules : 

You can now apply format rules to Show type columns when they're in Detail Views! This includes Section Headers, Show Text, and Show URL columns. See what Sarah G from the engienering team just released!

Buttons for Ref columns! 

You can now use Buttons for your Ref columns! Like Enum columns, you can open up the column details (Data > Column Structure) and change the InputMode to "Buttons." Then in forms and quick-edit columns, you'll get buttons instead of the drop-down menu.

Just be careful if you have a large number of possible references... you could end up with a LOT of buttons this way. :) See the announcement.  

USEREMAIL() alerts:

If you have any of the Publisher subscription plans, this means that users cannot sign in to your apps and they are tagged as guests. For a while we did not check the usage of USEREMAIL() in expressions for apps in Publisher plans. We now include an alert if you use the expression in an app that doesn't require sign-in. Find more details here. 


What do you think about the most recent releases? Share your thoughts in community.appsheet.com

See you next week!

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Santiago Uribe

Santiago is the VP of Product at AppSheet. He is a relentless customer advocate. He loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Prior to AppSheet, Santiago worked at Microsoft, got an MBA from CMU and worked in international trade development in New York and Bogota, Colombia.

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