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Jennifer Cadence
December 06, 2019

Feature Friday: DateTime, New “Save” Button, and Enterprise Updates

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features. This quick guide will help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters. 


shutterstock_192571934 (1)


Have you been waiting for the ability of 24-hour format selection regardless of locale? Good news, you can! You can learn more about this new expression in the TEXT() document, but here’s a look at the function itself. 

TEXT(DATETIME("2019-11-01 1:34 PM"), "HH:MM") returns 13:34

For the non-engineers who may be wondering what a 24-hour format DateTime selection is, here's a quick breakdown. DateTime is an expression that displays time in what some call "military time" (ex: 06:00pm would be 18:00). Some locales typically default to 12 hour formats while other locales default to 24 hour formats. When you use this new expression your locale no longer matters. This is great for those who work with different users across the globe. 

New “Save” button 

The floating “Save” button is getting a makeover. If you've been around AppSheet for some time you're probably used to seeing this in your nested menus when it's time to save the work that you’ve done: 

old_saveWith the recent change, your "Save" button now looks like this: 


This update brought the addition of a few keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to both Undo and Redo items in your editor. It can be found in its new location, your primary navigation bar.

Enterprise Updates 

If you benefit from working with an Enterprise plan, a few administrative updates are taking place. The ability to transfer all applications (think bulk action) grants a Root Admin the ability to transfer applications from one user to another. This is a great way to manage access when someone on your account no longer needs to manage applications. 

The Enterprise Dashboard has also been redesigned and will include a search bar to the shared apps tab, you can take a look at a preview below. 

Team Dashboard.2019-12-05 13_15_55

Coming Soon: Improved Card View 

More UX changes are on the way and this time it’s the Card View. You’ll be able to configure layouts by clicking on elements and when data is loading, the layout will show animated UI skeletons. Make sure to follow along in the Community to see when it becomes available. 

How will you use these new features in what you’re creating? Stop by the AppSheet community and let us know! 

Happy app building!

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