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Jennifer Cadence
 |  November 01, 2019

Welcome back to AppSheet’s Feature Friday where we showcase our favorite features! This quick guide will help you build your apps faster so you can focus on what matters to do your job right.

Download CSV files from specified views

You and your team can now download CSV files from specified views within your application. This new feature allows you to easily specify which tables your applications users are able to download. The feature is compatible on mobile with desktop- and web-accessed applications. Screens that display the download button below let your users know that their current view is CSV download compatible.

csvfile-1To see how this feature can work with your app, login into your AppSheet editor and click on Behaviors >> Actions. You can also view this sample app to see the feature in action.

Using the Calendar for slotted time

A popular topic in the AppSheet Community over the past few weeks has been time slotting with your calendar view. App creators want to know how they can better schedule machine operations, inspections and more with their applications. Using expressions with Start/End DateTimes of the Event, you can check against the Start/End DateTimes already entered into your system.

Our team put together the below example of an app that manages equipment reservations to demonstrate this capability.


Sprechen Sie AppSheet? Localization gives you the ability to take your application global in two different ways. For those that work with an audience that uses a single, non-English language, you can change your application’s buttons and navigation by working with our “Localize” feature in the UX portion of your editor. If you require an app that can adapt to the needs of multiple languages, you’ll want to dive a bit deeper into expressions and take advantage of USERLOCALE().

During Office Hours this week, we took a deep dive into localization. Missed the session? We’ve got you covered with a link to review the feature in depth here. Want to jump straight to the end product to see an example of this feature in action? Here’s a sample app in Spanish.

How do you use the features we detailed today? Stop by the AppSheet community and tell us all about your work. Happy app building!

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