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Santiago Uribe
August 04, 2017

Feature Friday: Action Packed


Welcome to Feature Friday for August. First one of the month! This time we'll cover two new features that will help you manage system actions in AppSheet. Here's the whole story:

AppSheet does a great job figuring out the type of data you have in your tables. For example, if you have a a column with email addresses, we automatically include an icon that links to your email app so you can send an email to that address.

But what if you don't want the icon to show or link to anything? We just added a solution for that!


Modify System Actions

Email types, links to references, location pins, among others, are system generated actions that AppSheet automatically adds to your apps based on column types. 

Several app creators have told us that they'd like to manage those actions as well, turning them off when they are not necessarymaybe you want to show a phone number but don't want people to be able to call it or you want to change the email icon to a different one. 

In Behavior > Actions you now have the ability to view and edit all system generated icons: 

System Actions.png

You can change how and where those actions appear by using expressions, the same way you do for all other actions. 

All actions include an optional and customizable confirmation message. If you want to have your app users double-check on their most recent data update, you should activate the confirmation message. 

Event Actions. Try this now!

All views in your apps have pre-defined events in them. For example, tapping on a row in a table will open all the details for that row. The event in this case is to navigate to the details view of the record. Other events can be saving a form, cancelling a form, or tapping on a specific value in a details view. 

We call those interactions View Events. And we're introducing a method for you to configure those events with Actions. 

Our most recent release will let you assign Event Actions in each Table, Gallery, Deck, and Form view in your app. This will let you apply a specific system or custom made action when you tap on a row value or when you save a form. We'll add other events in the future. 

View Events are available under UX > Views

Event Actions.png

Event Actions are a powerful method to enhance the app experience for your users. Here are some ideas of what you can do with view events:

Create a Punchlist

Combine a data change action with slices to create a punchlist that removes a row from a table every time you tap on it. This is very helpful to enhance data entry on long lists of items (task management, inspections, field service, etc). 

Add a customized end view for a form

Take your users to a customized follow-up experience when they complete a form: you can trigger an action based on responses in the form itself. So you can construct a navigation link based on a response and even take users to a different form if necessary!

Send notifications to people on a list

Create a gallery view with a list of customers, create an action that changes a column value to something that would trigger a workflow rule, which, in turn, sends an SMS or Email to that customer. So your field technicians could quickly notify customers!

Are you interested in seeing a video of us building a sample app from any of the three examples above? If so, leave a comment with your preferred example and we'll do it in the next episode of Apps Lab!

See you next week!


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